RadioShack Nissan Trek’s New Team Manager: Luca Guercilena

19/10/2012  //     //  Yol Bisikleti




Leopard SA is proud to announce that Luca Guercilena has accepted the
role of Team Manager of RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK. Guercilena, currently
sports director at RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK, will overview the cohesion
and continuity the Luxembourgish cycling project that started two years
ago. As of today Guercilena will be responsible for the organization of
the team and supervise all sports and technical operations.


“I have this project very much at heart, being part of it since the
beginning. We have amazing human resources in this team, both on the
riders and the staff roster, and I believe we have the moral duty to
capitalize on this potential”, says Guercilena. “This team has gone
through some rough weather, but even the hardest stages come to an end. I
have talked at length with the team owner and with the title sponsors,
and all parties are convinced of the new direction for the team. We want
to be a solid and stable team that gets noticed for its results.”


Team owner Flavio Becca: “I believe it was important to recruit from
our own ranks after we parted paths with Johan Bruyneel. Luca is one of
the most gifted coaches in cycling and he’s a great mediator. I have
great faith in his capacities to lead our team and to appease the buzz
around our team – in the interest of our sponsors, our team members and
cycling in general. We are now at the halfway point of this project and I
am very optimistic and exited about what lies ahead.”


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