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Tour of Turkey is being improved thanks to the innovations provided by Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey’s Organization Committee and it’ll be useful to have a look at this year’s route and modifications. Honoring the title of being the world-first and only intercontinental cycling tour in 2011, Tour of Turkey this year will pass from Europe to Asia for the 2nd time, emphasizing the geopolitical importance of Turkey one more time. Attending teams were announced in February 3rd. After the announcement, modifications were made and RusVelo team was replaced by Rabobank. Thus it’s been made clear that 9 pro teams, 14 pro-continental teams, 2 of our continental teams Konya Torku Seker Spor and Salcano – Arnavutkoy Cycling Team will be racing at the Tour of Turkey this year.



Between April, 22-29, with the participation of 25 teams and 200 athletes and a total distance of 1.174km, Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will be launched for the 48th time. Previous years’ route will be reversed and the tour will start from Alanya on Sunday, April 22 and end on Istanbul’s Asian side after the neutral start from the Sultan Ahmet Square and the official start from the Kennedy Avenue on the European side. Through the magnificent view of the Bosphorus Bridge colors of the 25 teams will pass to the Asian side and perform the intercontinental transition for the 2nd time in the history of world and Turkey cycling tours and finish in Bostancı after 8 stages.



In 2011, the world-first intercontinental cycling tour stage (1st stage) was won by the young Italian Andrea Guardini (Farnese Vini). Andrea Guardini had finished the tour being the last in general classification after 8 stages. This year there are quite many candidates to win the intercontinental passage stage and the final stage. Let’s have a look at the 8 stages that have a total sum of 1.174km which will start on Sunday, April 22nd;


1st Stage – Sunday, April 22, 2012 : Alanya – Alanya 135,2km



The inaugural stage of the 48th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will start from Antalya’s district Alanya, in front of the Alanya District Governorate at 13:20 and end after 135,2km. There’ll be 8 rounds of 16,9km and the finish of the day again will be in front of the Alanya District Governorate. The stage has two prime points; a sprint prime and a Turkish Beauties prime. As the finish line will be passed for the 3rd time, the sprint primes will be collected and as the finish line will be passed for the 5th time, emphasizing the Alanya Castle, the Turkish Beauties primes will be collected.



During the exciting countdown for the inaugural stage, Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which continues to draw more attention from the world, the Organization Committee is quite picky while accepting the team applications Because of the extensive attention, the Organization Committee had to raise the team limit from 22 to 25 this year. This year Tour of Turkey Committee gave more chance to pro-continental teams and accepted only 9 pro teams but they’re said to be expected to focus more on professional teams next year. Rising up among the top 10 cycling tours in the world, Tour of Turkey seems like it’ll continue to improve its level and may keep on being picky about the participating teams until gaining a World Tour title.



If we have a look at the team squads, we can see that the teams have focused on general classification victory. Because of this, teams aiming for the leader jersey are expected to stand out beginning from the first stage. At the finish of Alanya, except the red mountain jersey, all jerseys will be awarded to their winners.


2nd Stage-Monday, April 23, 2012:: Alanya – Antalya 153 kilometres




Thrill of 2nd stage will keep on in Alanya, the district of Antalya, with the accompany of its south beauties. With the neutral start from in front of the Alanya Kızıl Kule, the winner of the first stage will be at the start point with the turquoise leader’s jersey. With all these strong riders lined-up the turquoise jersey predictions for the 48th Tour of Turkey will be quite heated. 4.8km after the neutral start at 12:50 on Monday, April 23rd, the official start will be launched from the upper bridge and the challenge for 157km of the 2nd day will be started.



2nd stage profile again has one sprint and one Turkish Beauties prime. Since the subject is Alanya, it must have been quite difficult to pick from among its unique beauties for the Turkish Beauties. Organization Committee had picked Phaselis for the Turkish Beauties prime last year. Previous year’s 2nd sprint prime Aspendos will be the Turkish Beauties point this year at the 2nd stage at the 99th kilometre. The stage finish will be in Antalya, Atatürk Park, after an estimated 3.5 hours.


At the end of the 2nd stage, the red jersey still won’t have an owner and wait for the end of the 3rd stage for the Elmalı finish. After the 2nd stage, the ones aim for the climbs and the general classification assertives will wait for the 3rd stage in Elmalı to gain advantage.



3rd Stage – Thursday, April 24, 2012:  Antalya – Elmalı 152 kilometres



Since all 4 seasons can be seen and the south side is suitable all year for training and races, Turkey’s waiting to be discovered with its wide land and natural beauties and being close to Europe by the cycling teams. As they experienced tough conditions in winter, Antalya was the favorite camp zone of Europe teams. Ukraine’s ISD-Lampre continental team had come to Turkey for training this year for the first time.


The expected innovation of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is realized this year for the 48th edition with the Elmalı peak finish. The finish point of 2nd stage near the coast of Antalya, next to Atatürk Park will be the start point of the 3rd stage. 3km after the neutral start at 11:30 the official start will be launched and Tour of Turkey will witness strategic challenges for 154,8km which will derange the general classification. Teams are expected to consider the impact of the 3rd stage on the general classification and other teams’ strategies for it and define their plans according to this Antalya-Elmalı stage. The red jersey will at last find its owner after the 3 mountain prime points at the Elmalı peak finish. Since 3rd stage has every kind of primes, the point struggles will cause colorful scenes.



Prime points of the 3rd stage; 3rd stage has the most prime points this year with its 5 primes.



The first primes of the stage will be collected at the 13th km after the Cat-2 climb for 265m in Kepez.




Second primes will be collected at the 25.5th km, emphasizing the beauty of Termesos Ancient Town and Turkish Beauties primes will be passed.



Third prime point will be passed with the Cat-1 climb for 1.530m in Saksağanbeli at the 79th km. This point will be dedicated to deceased Rıfat Çalışkan who’d been a great cyclist in his time.





4th prime point will be at the 124th km on the flat road as sprint primes. If an athlete defines his location well during the first 2 days’ finishes, he may win the leader jersey today.





5th and the last prime point will be at the Elmalı peak finish. For the finish of the 3rd stage, a 1850m (Cat-1) will be climbed.




4th Stage-Wednesday, April 25, 2012: Fethiye – Marmaris 132 kilometres





4th stage will be on Wednesday, April 25 at 13.00 and start neutrally from Fethiye city centre. After 3km the official start will be launched in front of the Gülistan Park. While northern countries couldn’t take leave of the winter and the cloudy weather, Fethiye-Marmaris coast shore with its magnificent coves and summer sun will cause quite a beautiful scene for 132km with the accompany of the challenges.




The stage has one sprint and one Cat-2 mountain prime. The second prime will be at the 48,8th km in front of the Ortaca- Caretta Caretta – Private Özalp Science Highschool.


Climbs for the 1st primes of the 4th stage will start at the 8th km and will be passed around Göcek after a Cat-2 climb for 329m. Choosing a climbing profile is a good decision after Elmalı instead of a flat stage to keep the challenge for the jerseys.

12km remaining to the finish, there’ll be a steep climb for 250m of height and a continuing descent until the finish in Marmaris. Teams with the best stage strategies will get the finish victory. The possible attack group is expected to be crowded and if they can increase the gap enough, they may have a chance. Otherwise they’ll get caught by the peloton at the Marmaris descent and a group finish will take place with a thrilling sprint.



5th Stage: Thursday, April 26, 2012: Marmaris – Turgutreis 178 kilometres



5th stage will be launched on Thursday, April 25th at Marmaris Square at 10:15 and start neutrally. Recalling the intense attention to the tour in Marmaris, we recommend you to go there earlier this year if you want to follow the race. Aegean shores’ magnificent beauties will be seen on this stage. But the difference of this year is that it’ll be quite more challenging this year compared to the previous years.



5th stage is the second stage that has prime points for all 3 jerseys after the Elmalı stage. After the start from Marmaris Square the first prime point is at the 28th km in Azmak as the Turkish Beauties primes.



In Akbuk Cove at the 48th km there’ll be a Cat-2 prime point. The racers will climb for 214m and after the prime point, they’ll keep on climbing until the 57th km then a descent to an altitude of 380 will start. After the 72nd km an uncategorized climb will start.


At the 112nd km ravitaillement zone will be passed and the challenge for the sprint primes in Bodrum Anıt at the 152,8th km will take place. After 25km, 5th day will end in front of İşbankası in Turgutreis.


6th Stage: Fridat, April 27, 2012:  Bodrum – Kuşadası 179 kilometres



6th stage of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will start in front of the Bodrum Castle which hosted the 3rd stage’s start last year. But this year the 179km route will be directed to Didim. 6th stage again will have both 3 prime points and the challenge for all the jerseys will be continued. At the finish in Kuşadası, the red jersey leader of the 48th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will be determined as the challenge for the other jerseys will keep going until the last day.




First prime point of the 6th stage will be at 51,7th km after 240m of Cat-2 climbing and this will be the last mountain prime point of the Tour of Turkey.




As the course will head towards Didim, near the unique masterpiece Apollon Temple at the 99th km Turkish Beauties primes will be collected. Moving towards the Söke road, the racers will pass the sprint primes at the 147,4th km.



7th Stage Saturday, April 28, 2012:  Kuşadası – İzmir 124 Kilometres





Having hosted the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 3 years before in 2009, İzmir this year received  the honor to welcome Tour of Turkey with the 7th stage finish. Peloton will start the stage from Kuşadası and race the shortest stage of this year’s tour for 124km on Saturday, April 28th at 13:20 starting from Kuşadası centre. First primes of the stage will be collected at the 9,8th km, at the Efes Ancient city as the Turkish Beauties.




7th stage has two sprint primes; one in Seferihisar at 87,8thkm and other in Narlıdere at 107,8km. Even if it’ll be a short stage, with the tiring profile of the road ground and the wind from front and sides, it won’t be that easy for the riders. Approximately at 16:30, the possible sprint finish will be in Lozan Square. I recommend you to be there early if you want to watch the stage finish.



8th Stage, Sunday, April 29, 2012: İstanbul – İstanbul




After the neutral start from Sultan Ahmet Square on the European side the official start will launch at the Kennedy Avenue. At the end of the day, the turquoise jersey winner of the 2012 Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will be determined. As appropriate for a world tour candidate, the grand finish of the Tour of Turkey will be in a crowded metropol.




Passing through the Bosphorus Bridge, the racers will proceed to Anatolian side, to Baghdat Avenue and complete 8 rounds in Caddebostan. At the 4th round of Caddebostan, Turkish Beauties primes will be collected at  71,7th km.


In April 22-29, Turkey will draw attention from the whole world to the challenge of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. See you all then…



Official Website: Tour of Turkey



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