2nd Tour of Alanya Prologue Stage : İsmail Aksoy won the Stage and the Jellow Jersey

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Tour of Alanya Stage 1 (Prologue) Profile:




1st Stage of the 2nd Tour of Alanya was held today at 10:00am under hot weather conditions with the participation of 52 riders from 8 teams. The prologue stage of 7.5km started at the front of the Jasmin Hotel in Türkler-Alanya. At the end of the 7.5km  the stage ended in Konaklı. The winner of the stage was the victorious of the Tour of Gallipoli’s last stage İsmail Aksoy (Brisaspor) with his timing of 10:01. After him, hero of the Tour of Zaferyolu, Nazım Bakırcı (Brisaspor) got the second place by 10:14 and showed all that the got over his health problems from the Tour of Gallipoli with his great performance. The third was the successful rider of Manisaspor, Gabor Kasa with 10:19. After the stage, İsmail also won the Yellow Jersey for the first time in his career.





The last one of the seven 2.2 race series organized by the federation this year, Tour of Alanya’s first stage was a time-trial of 7.5km. Start sequence for the teams had been determined a day before at the technical meeting and the sequence of the riders to start had been determined by the trainers of the teams. According to that order, the riders started 1 minute after each other as one rider per a team with groups of 8 riders. The team order from a day before was respectively as; Iran Süren, Azerbaijan, Manisaspor, Turkish National Team, Ukraine, Brisaspor, Serbia. Team trainers determined the sequence of the riders according to their performances. Generally, the strongest riders start as last ones from a team during a time trial. Depending on this, İsmail Aksoy’s performance wasn’t expected since Brisaspor trainer queued him the 3rd out of their 8th riders. The prologue stage winner of the Tour of Cappadocia and the second place winner of the general classification of the Tour of Gallipoli Mert Mutlu was the last one to start from Brisaspor. At the end of the stage as Mert Mutlu couldn’t perform as expected, compared with Ali Rıza Tanrıverdi, Nazım Bakırcı and Mert Mutlu, considering according to their start order, least expected İsmail Aksoy won the stage with 13s of distance.




Under hot weather conditions without the presence of the wind, the riders rode at a flat part for the first 3km and after the 3rd km climbed up to 14m of altitude. Hamid Mahanov (Azerbaijan), who was expected to start the race as the 34th rider, despite the persistent warnings, didn’t make it to the start point and disqualified from the Tour. 



Brisaspor’s strong pedal Nazım Bakırcı seems to have got over the discomforts he faced at the Tour of Gallipoli. With the success he achieved at the prologue stage, he seems to be one of the favorites for the Yellow Jersey. Brisaspor performed the best at this stage as expected and got the first place at the team classification with 30:42.



We can say that Gabor Casa (Manisaspor) who finished the stage as the third, will be seen at the front lines during the climbing stage tomorrow. However as compatible with the 2.2 consept, we guess that Manisaspor will be supporting especially the Turkish riders, starting from their own.





Konya Torku couldn’t perform as expected at today’s stage. Selçuk Türkçetin (started as the last rider of Torku) was slammed by Mert Mutlu who started after him. Mustafa Sayar, the strongest rider of Konya Torku, the winner of the Tour of Isparta, despite the difficulties and crashed he experienced, performed the best among his team with 10:25 and got the 5th place. Konya Torku got the 2nd place at the teams classification with 31:29 at the end of the stage.



At the award ceremony, the prizes were handed to the winners by Alanya Gençlik Spor Town Director, Alanya Belediye Spor Director and Serbia Cycling Federation President who had been invited as a guest to the Tour of Alanya. Since it was the first stage, with his stage win, İsmail Aksoy also won the Yellow Jersey which was handed to him by the Turkish Cycling Federation President Emin Müftüoğlu.



During our interview with him after the stage İsmail Aksoy told that he had been aiming for this Tour from the very beginning of this season, but with the change of the 2nd stage profile (the ascents had been increased as announced at the technical meeting) they’ll work for Nazım (Bakırcı) for the Yellow Jersey and he was quite happy to win the stage, which he had been expecting. 

Nazım Bakırcı commented as “We had quite successful results as a team at this stage. Tomorrow’s stage really suits me as it’ll be a climbing stage. Yellow Jersey will be my goal, we’ll work as a team for that and with god’s help, the Yellow Jersey will belong to us at the end of the four days.”


Please click for the 1st Stage results of the 2nd Tour of Alanya

Photos and Videos of the stage will be published soon, please visit this page again.


2nd Stage: 2nd Tour of Alanya’s 2nd Stage will start at 10:00am tomorrow morning and as explained at the technical meeting, the stage length was reduced to 110km from 133km and the prior route of Alanya – Akseki – Alanya is going to be as Alanya – Akseki. The prior altitude of 600m is also increased to 1000m and the profile is now more a climbing stage. The stage will finish with climbing instead of sprint. The doping controls will be done in Akseki at the end of the stage.






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