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Many cyclists and triatlethes complain about not being able to ride their bicycles in bad weather conditions in winter. I’m sure we all have experienced the difficulties of cycling when there’s too much rain or the weather is too cold. No wonder there’s a solution for that. Many sportsmen use “rollers” or “trainers” in winter, not to lose their good condition on the bicycle.


Though in our country rollers are more commonly used because of their affordability, preferring trainers is usually a more correct option, especially for the road cyclists and triathletes, because they have adjustable difficulty levels (climb simulations) and it is easier to maintain proper balance on them. However, one of the biggest concerns on trainer usage is that the rear side of the bicycle stays totally stable. So, when compared to an outdoor training, if you want to stand and do the uphill intervals on the trainer, you can not get the reactions you expect from your bicycle.



Here’s a video explaining the working principle of Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer:




Kinetic by Kurt Rock And Roll Pro Turbo Trainer brings a solution to this problem. In these models produced by Kinetic, the parts keeping the trainer fixed on the floor are designed to be able to move, so when you stand and move to the sides while training, the trainer reacts to your movements just the way your bicycle does on the road.


In an ordinary trainer, it’s possible that you face a tough and inflexible reaction that doesn’t occur much while riding on the road. Because of this, you can not pedal with full power and sometimes your training can be a boring one. But, with the innovation brought by the Rock and Roll Trainer you can pedal with full power.


While bringing a new perspective to trainer production, Kinetic company sells accessories as well as trainers in order to satisfy the cyclists’ additional needs. For example, in order to make you feel the motion of the moving structure of the trainer on the front side of the bike as well, they also sell the Turntable Riser Ring which allows the front wheel to steer. When you use this part, both the front of your bicycle rises and comes to the same level as the rear side which rises when you install it to the trainer, and the front wheel steers so that you can feel like you’re riding on the road 



The service and products Kinetic provides to its customers are not limited to this of course. You can also find Floor Mats to keep your house clean, Power Computers to track your heart rate, speed, cadence and power, or specially designed Trainer Tires which are more durable than normal tires, to preserve your outdoor tires, because as most of you know, the tires you use on the road can wear faster when used on the trainer. 



It seems that, Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer, will provide better training results to the bicycle lovers who train at home because of the bad weather conditions especially in winter and let them do their training without getting bored.




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