2nd ITU European Triathlon Cup Was Held

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        First section of
“2nd ITU European Triathlon Cup” was held in Antalya last weekend. By means of
Antalya governor Dr. Ahmet ALTIPARMAK, Antalya Konyaaltı Mayor Muhittin BÖCEK
and Triathlon Federation Principal Hamdi GÜNEŞ, no issue happened in the
organization but athletes had to struggle with negative climate conditions.



       In the Second
ITU European Cup organization, ETU’s officials, ETU Council Deputy Zeljko BİJİK,
ETU Technical Delegate David Garcia GONZALES and ETU Technical Delegate
Assistant Angeliki THOMA took in charge.

        Continuous rain
which started from the morning caused 1 hour delay of “Juniors”, “Uncategorized”
and “Public Triathlon” races. Athletes not only had to struggle with each other,
but also struggled with waves in the sea, rain and wet ground on the land in
this all day long race.  Athletes didnt experience any upsetting moment in the
wavy sea but since the ground was wet many athlete slipped and fell in the bike

        First race of
the day giving point for Europian Cup was “Elit Women” category. Irish athlete
Aileen MORRISON came first with 1:51:01 in Elite Women. Last year’s winner Olga
DMITREVA, last year’s second Szandra SZALAY and third Irina ABSYOVA  didnt join
to the race this year.

        Turkish National
Team that went on training camp with 4 athlete in Elite Women category, joined 3
races with 3 athletes because of the sickness of Bahar SAYGILI. Çiğdem GÜLGEÇ
and Berrak MUTLU came out of the water right after the first pack but since they
were lapped by the athletes ahead of them in the following laps, they were
disqualified and since Emel YILDIRIM could come out of the water when the bike
section was over she was disqualified as well. Many women athlete fell on the
wet ground and had light injuries in the race but luckily nothing major happened.

        ETU Technical
Council Deputy Zeljko BİJİK and ETU Technical Delegate Assistant Angeliki THOMA
said; “Some accidents usually happen since Elite Women compete first. Elite Men
have less accident and women’s capability of controlling the bike is a bit less.”

        In Elite Men
category which was the last race of the day, French athlete Vincent YOHANN came
first with 1:48:51, and last year’s winner Ukrainian Andrey GLUSHCHENKO could
came 26th, seeming really undertrained. Last year’s second athlete Jose Miguel
PEREZ didnt participate this year and last year’s third athlete Ivan TUTKIN
could come 9th this year.

        All of our
national athletes raced with wetsuits for the first time those were brought from
abroad and they could protect thmselves from the negative effects of cold water
by means of these wetsuits. National athlete Onur CALP who came out of the water
with the first pack, then while riding his bike in the second lap, had to quit
the race since another cyclist’s quick release part stuck into his wheel spokes.
Zekeriya ÖZTÜRK who came out of the water with the second pack had experienced
flat tire ending up off the race, Kemal ÇOBANYILDIZI, Bahadır TAMA and Samet
BÜYÜKZÖNGÜR were lapped and disqualified. Our national team participated the
races with our 6 athletes and one of them Zülfü KARABULUT made us happy by
coming 59th with 1:52:34.

        Here are the
winners in Elite Men category of the race that 125 athlete participated from 25
country in Elite Men and Elite Women categories;

Elite Men :

1.    Yohann Vicent               01.41.58     France
2.    Frederiche Belaubre        01.42.01     France
3.    Pevtsov Rolstslav           01.47.46     Ukraine

Elite Women :

1.    Morrison Aileen              01.51.01      Ireland
2.    Simic Mateja                 01.51.20      Slovakia
3.    Haug Anne                    01.51.36      Germany

“Juniors” and “Uncategorized” were
the first races of the day. There were 38 athlete participated in total in the
race that was called “Juniors” and “Uncategorized”. This race which started one
hour late because of rain, was planned to run as sprint triathlon but because of
the delay, distances and laps were changed at the last moment and this case
caused athletes’ hesitation in the last lap of the run.

        On the other
hand, “Public Triathlon” which we had used to watch in the past, was almost
forgotten in the last years, was carried out again in Antalya this year.
Unfortunately participation of the Public Triathlon that its announcement was
made at the last moment, was poor. Only a group which was formed by middle-aged
bussinessmen called “Lara Yunusları” ( Lara Dolphins) had a start with

Here are the winners of “Juniors”, “Uncategorized”
and “Public Triathlon” categories;  

Junior Men :

1.    Ali Atlan                    00.30.25
2.    Metin Akbaba             00.31.11
3.    Sabri Öge                  00.31.29

Junior Women :

1.    Ece Bakıcı                  00.33.25
2.    Yağmur Aydoğan        00.35.53
3.    İpek Öztosun             00.36.08

Uncategorized (Masters) :

1.    Altay Oygüç               00.30.05
2.    Özhan Kırmızı             00.36.07

Public Triathlon (Men +30)

1.    Nuri Acar                    00.35.35
2.    Fırat Gürler                 00.37.03
3.    M. Deniz Yaşar           00.40.36

Public Triathlon (Men +40)

1.    Erdinç Sadık Eryılmaz    00.34.16
2.    Cemil Yıldızhan            00.35.56
3.    Yüksel Murat Zileli        00.40.59
4.    Mustafa Tütüncüoğlu     00.47.07

Public Triathlon (Men +50) :

5.    Recai Kırmızıtaş           00.47.06
6.    Celal Fuat Taşkın          00.48.39
7.    İsa Ahatçı                   00.49.59

Public Triathlon (Men +60) :

1.    Sabri Çam                   00.47.04
2.    Sadullah Öztürk           00.53.29
3.    Uğur Atam                  00.53.53

Public Triathlon (Women) :

1.    Mine Seher Erdoğan     00.35.48
2.    Nafiye Tunç                00.40.02

        All athletes can
get the results of the competition by clicking

Turkey Triathlon Federation’s official website 
or just

click here 

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