21st International Alanya Triathlon European Cup Final was Held

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International Alanya Triathlon European Cup Final was held today for the 21st time. The races organized by Turkish Triathlon Federation and the Municipality of Alanya took place in the first week of November. Race categories were “ITU European Cup Final”, “ETU Junior European Cup” and “Age Groups” with a total prize of 25.000 Euro.



Extremely challenging “ITU European Cup Final” “Elite Men” category’s winner was Yegor Martynenko (UKR) with 1:45:45 as Anatoly Fedotov (RUS) followed him with 1:45:50 and Ivan Vasiliev (RUS) with 1:46:00 as the second and the third.



The other mighty race of the day, the “Elite Women” category’s winner Rachel Klamer (HOL) was by far the best with 2:00:42 as Irina Abysova (RUS) followed her with 2:01:23 and Yuliya Yelistratova (UKR) with 2:01:55 as the second and the third.



 “ETU Junior European Cup” “Junior Men” category victory was won by Alexey Khmelevskiy (RUS) with 57:01 as Igor Ostrovisky followed him one second behind as the second and Christophe De Keyser (BEL) finished the third with 57:16.



 “ETU Junior European Cup” “Junior Women” category victory was won by Margarita Khayrullina (UKR) with 1:03:01 as Charlotte Deldaele followed her with 1:03:17 and Dariya Fedchenko with 1:03:29 as the second and the third.



Out of rating but still quite challenging “Age Groups” category’s 20-29 age range winner was Sheikin (RUS) with 1:57:53 as Kemal Çobanyıldızı (TUR) finished the 2nd with 2:02:18 and Ali Ulus (TUR) finished the third with 2:04:24.



30-39 age range victorious was Andrıy Yastrebov (UKR) with 2:01:35 as Ilya Slepov (RUS) followed him with 2:12:36 and Fırat Dizman (TUR) with 2:14:09 as the second and the third.



40-49 age range was won by Rudolf Cogan (ÇEK) with 2:07:52 and Dimitriy Dordula (RUS) followed him with 2:08:55 as the second and M. Gökhan Doğruol (TUR) with 2:10:18, besides his broken arm, finished the third.



50-59 age range was won by Oleg Sukhodolin (RUS) with 2:08:21 as Iskandar Shakov (RUS) followed him with 2:09:49 as the second and Vladimir Demchenko (RUS) with 2:17:35 as the third.



+60 age range victory was won by Anatoly Shakhmatov (RUS) with 2:25:37 as Nolay Chistvakov (RUS) finished the second with2:28:59 and Sergey Shiliakhtenko (RUS) finished the third with 2:37:17.



Women’s 20-29 age range victory was won by Fadime Kaçar (TUR) with 2:33:29 as Diana Salikhova (RUS) followed her as the second and Bilge Ergin (TUR) with 3:23:25 as the third.



Women’s 30-39 age range was won by S. Doğa Çapanoğlu (TUR) withe 2:29:14 as Victoria Shubina (RUS) followed her with 2:30:03 and Sezin Kutlu (TUR) with 2:57:39 as the second and the third. The sole racer of +40 Derya Çelik finished in 3:29:41.



Kemal Özdemir, the sole participant of the Paraolympic category broke a new ground in Alanya and became the very first Turkish Paraolympic racer who completed an olympic category.


2010 Alanya ITU European Cup and EUT Junior European Cup
If we may recall the previous year, Bart Aernouts (BEL) who had won Elite Men category victory with 1:43:29 didn’t come to Alanya this year. Born in 1987, Yegor Martynenko doesn’t have a degree in this year’s ITU ranking yet. On the other hand Martynenko is a promising athlete with 2010 ITU World Aquathlon Championship and 2006 ITU Age Group World Championship victories.



Last year, Elite Women category winner (1:54:42) Rachel Klamer(HOL) was one of the favorites this year as well, and she performed as expected. Born in 1990, the successful athlete with a third place win in 2009 Junior World Championship has the 22nd place in the ITU ranking.



Aernouts, who didn’t have a degree in 2009 Elite Men category since he couldn’t have participated to the Alanya Triathlon, had drawn attention in 2010 with his increasing performance at the races before the Alanya Triathlon. Crowning his 2010 Edinburg World Duathlon Championship victory with his Alanya Triathlon success, Aernouts was an important favorite but he didn’t attend Alanya in 2011. Andrea D’Aquino who finished 32nd in 2009 Alanya, had also drawn attention with his increasing performance in 2010. D’Aquino finished 2nd in Alanya 2010 and also stood out with his 4th place in Karlow Vary European Cup last year. Like Aernouts, Svyatoslav Tsvetkov who has a third place win in the Loutraki Europe and Balkan Triathlon Cup 2010, had raced in Alanya for the first time in 2010.




In 2010, from among 57 Elite Men racers, Turkish National Team athlete Duygun Yurteri had finished 45th as Bahadır Tama and Zekeriya Yücetürk had finished 46th and 48th respectively.

Rachel Klamer of Elite Women had the victory of Alanya in both 2008 and 2009 and she’ve always been making it to top 5 at the races she’d participated for the last 3 years. Maria Czesnik who didn’t race in Alanya in 2009, but stood up with her 3rd place win in 2008 Alanya, after winning the Loutraki victory in 2010, had proceeded her success with her 2nd place in Alanya.

From the Elite Women category with 32 participants, according to the rules, because they had been lapped by the leaders, our nationals Berrak Mutlu, Çiğdem Gülgeç and Emel Yıldırım were disqualified.

Previous year, Men’s Age Groups had 123 participants as the general classification winner was Ukrainian Andrıy Yastrebov with 1:52:59 and our Turkish athletes Onur Calp had the 9th place as Fırat Dizman had the 11th, Özhan Kırmızı had the 13th, Mert Yılmaz had the 14th and Merdan Çayır had the 19th places. Women’s Age Groups general classification was won by Katherina Akimova with 2:13:50 as Bahar Saygılı had finished the third with 2:21:48.

ETU Junior Men and Junior Women category which had been raced as sprint triathlon was also as competitive as the Elite categories. With 45 participants, the Junior Men category winner was Russian Andrey Brukhanov with 54’48” as Samet Büyükzöngür finished the 25th, Sabri Öge the 28th, Metin Akbaba the 30th, Altay Oyguç the 32nd, Fatih Azrak the 33rd, Sarp Öncü the 34th, İlker Sezen the 35th, Muhammet Onay the 38th and Can Elvanlıoğlu the 41st. With 24 participants, the Junior Women category winner was Anastasia Protosenya with 1:30:31 as of out Turkish athletes Ceren Orhanlı finished the 17th and Ece Bakıcı followed her 7 seconds behind as the 18th. Our successful athlete from Alanya, Ümran Aslan had finished the 21st as Aylin Akyay finished the 23rd


Innovations of the International Alanya Triathlon

This year’s course had some particular differences than the previous years. The swimming stage start and the running stage route had been changed. The transition area of bike change had met the world-wide standards.

As you know, the swimming stage start had started by running to the beach in front of the municipality building. This year, the swimming started from the same beach as the most important change was that the athletes didn’t run towards the sea but jumped from a brand new platforn. Thus, the start of the race reached the level of ITU’s world-wide race standards. Another change was of the bike stands. The bike racks had also reached world-wide standards. On the other hand, the former course of the cycling stage had remained unchanged and elites rode for 6 laps this year, with shorter laps than the age categories who circuited for 4 laps but turned from a further point in front of the Sarıtaş Hotel. The last significant innovation of this year was the running stage route. The route to the breakwater was followed as last year but instead of turning towards the breakwater, the course turned to the opposite direction, towards the downtown. The aim may be to enhance the visuality.


History of the International Alanya Triathlon


The history of the International Alanya Triathlon goes 21 years back from now. In August, 1990, a former athlete and a boutique manager in Alanya, Tunç Müstecaplıoğlu had met the Dutch triathlon athlete Williem Duijnker and communicated with the Dutch Triathlon Federation about organizing a triathlon race in Alanya.

In November 1990, Tom Gouw from the Dutch Triathlon Federation came to Alanya and determines the necessities to organize a triathlon race in Alanya. Then, in February 1991, Dutch Triathlon Federation magazine promoted the incoming international race that will be held in Alanya. Over 50 participants (including the 12 Dutch athletes) raced for a total prize of 30.000 Marks.

Thus, on 17th of October 1991, the first international triathlon race took place in Alanya. The official beginning of the triathlon in Turkey was in 1991 with the “1st International Alanya Triathlon”.

“1st International Alanya Triathlon” hosted 107 athletes from 13 countries. With their 45 athletes, the biggest participation came from Holland as our country had 17 attendants. 86 athletes including 7 Turkish could complete the race. Men’s General Classification winner was French Vincent Jay as Women’s were Lone Larsen from Denmark. Among Turkish athletes, Murat Anılgan was the 1st as Abdurrahman Açıkalın was the 2nd.

The sole disappointing incident of this first official and international triathlon organization of Turkey was that David Alexander’s, who’s hobby was to attend the triathlon organizations that was held for the first time, stolen bike from the transition area.

In 1991, with the decision of the ETU (Europe Triathlon Union) Spain Congress; “International Alanya Trathlon” became a round of the ETU Triathlon Series of 20 races. Beginning from the year 1992, Alanya became a race that gives points for the ETU series and a total prize of 50.000 Marks.

On those days, Alanya Triathlon and Tennis Club was founded and thanks to the traditional events, triathlon sport stood out in our country, leading to the foundation of “Turkish Triathlon Federation”. As for today, “International Alanya Triathlon” is an important part of the European Championship and keep on improving every year. (Source : First Years in Alanya Triathlon – Feyzi Açıkalın)


Supremacy and the Goals of International Alanya Triathlon


The President of the Organization Committee is the Alanya Mayor Adv. Hasan Sipahioğlu and he worked with his organization team members Alper Koçak, Saim Kanlı, Naim Namal, in coordination with European Triathlon Union (ETU) and the Turkish Triathlon Federation.

Today, this important international sports event being a part of the European Cup Championship and the fact that the 2013 European Triathlon Championship Final is going to be held in Alanya is a huge success. The participation of more than 6000 athletes, federation delegates, trainers and media members from 26 countries including Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentine, Portugal, Spain,  Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Austuria, Holland, New Zealand, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Ukraine and Turkey, is quite important to comprehend the scale of the organization.

International Alanya Triathlon will carry on as a part of the European Champonship Cup in 2012, and in 2013, the European Triathlon Championship will host nearly 5000 athletes, trainers, media members and athletes’ relatives.


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