Tour of Iran 3rd Stage – Alois Kankovsky Retains the Lead

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Alois Kankovsky of ASC Dukla Praha has won the 3rd stage of the 28th Iran International Cycling Tour. While Marcel Kalz (Rudy Project) who was the third place winner of yesterday became the runner-up of today, yesterday’s 2nd place winner Recep Ünalan of Brisaspor stepped on the podium’s 3rd place. Thus, all the riders on the podium today were the ones we saw yesterday.



Today’s struggle started from the city of Urmia, which is known to have been ruled by the Seljuks and then the Ottoman Empire for a long time in the past and is at a very close location to Turkish borders, on the Western Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The public’s interest in the race was great at the start point.






The sincere attitudes between the Brispor riders and Azerbaijani rider Elchin Asadov indicated that the race was held in friendship.



The riders who had to pedal in a quite hot weather, crossed a KOM point after a gradient of 4.1% and an intermediate sprint point at the 122 km-long stage which started from Urmia and ended in Khoy. At km 10, 2 riders broke away from the peloton and the first escape group occured. Ali Rıza Tanrıverdi of Brisaspor had a flat tyre at km 12, but he cought up with the peloton in no time. When the riders were approaching the first climb, another escapee attacked and caught the other two and the gap between them and the peloton was 18 seconds. After 1 more km, the gap reached 35 seconds. The escape group comprising of Mohammad Rajablous (Ayandeh Continental), Konstantin Volik (Uzbekistan National) and King Wai Cheung (Hong Kong China National) increased the gap to 43 seconds at the end of the climb.






According to the official results we received from the race organisation, the riders who gathered the KOM and intermediate sprint points were as below:


KOM – 52.9 km (CAT1)

1. GHAFFARI Vahid – IRI (15 puan)

2. KOLAHDOZHAGH Amir – IRI (12 puan)

3. NEMATI Ali – IRI (10 puan)


Intermediate Sprint – 97.6 km 

1. ASADOV Elcin – AZE (3 puan)

2. MARUKHIN Vitaly – KAZ (2 puan)

3. HALMURATOV Muradjan – UZB (1 puan)


At the finish line which was reached in a bunched sprint as expected, the happiest face among the 63 riders who managed to finish the stage, was again Alois Kankovsky‘s. The German rider retained the lead while Marcel Kalz and Recep Ünalan followed him at the 2nd and 3rd places, recpectively.




Brisaspor, representing Turkey, has started to stand out more day by day and took the first place in teams classification.



The riders who will wear the jerseys at tomorrow’s stage, on the other hand, will be as below:


Leader’s Jersey: KANKOVSKY Alois (ASC Dukla Praha)

KOM Jersey: Vahid Ghaffari (Tabriz Petrochemical Team)

Points Jersey: ASADOV Elchin (Azerbaijan National)

Best Asian Rider’s Jersey: KHALILI KHOSROSHAHI Benham (Azad University Giant)



Stage Classification – Top 10:

1. KANKOVSKY Alois – ASC Dukla Praha

2. KALZ Marcel – Rudy Project

3. UNALAN Recep – Brisaspor Lassa

4. KHALILI KHOSROSHAHI Benham – Iran National

5. SHIRI Hamid – Urmia Municipality

6. MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin – Terengganu

7. KARIMOV Ruslan – Uzbekistan National

8. TANRIVERDI Ali Riza – Brisaspor Lassa

9. FEDOSSEYEV Artur – Kazakhstan National

10. BENYOUCEF Abdellah – Algeria National


General Classification after 3rd Stage – Top 10:

1. KANKOVSKY Alois – ASC Dukla Praha

2. KALZ Marcel – Rudy Project

3. UNALAN Recep – Brisaspor Lassa

4. ASADOV Elchin – Azerbaijan National

5. SEFA Ylber – Albania National

6. KHALILI KHOSROSHAHI Benham – Azad University Giant

7. HALMURATOV Muradjan – Uzbekistan National

8. SHIRI Hamid – Urmia Municipality

9. TANRIVERDI Ali Riza – Brisaspor Lassa

10. KARIMOV Ruslan – Uzbekistan National



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