Tour of Iran 2nd Stage Winner is the Check Rider Alois Kankovsky

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The second stage of the 28th Iran International Cycling Tour, which was held between 10:00 am – 3:30 pm today, started from Maragheh and ended in Urmia after a long flat course around Lake Urmia.



87 riders raced at today’s stage starting from in front of Arya Hotel which was the finish point of yesterday’s stage. At the end of the 194.5 km of struggle, Alois Kankovsky of ASC Dukla Praha was the winner. While Recep Ünalan of Brisaspor took the general classification 3rd place by becoming the runner-up of today’s stage, Marcel Kalz of the German team Rudy Project finished the stage as the third.




Despite the stage’s flat profile, it was a long and challenging stage for the riders since they had to struggle with the crosswinds all along the route. There were no breakaways from the beginning until the end and the expected bunched sprint finish came at the end of the stage.




Alois Kankovsky


Recep Ünalan




There were 3 intermediate sprints at the stage and here are the first names who crossed these points and took the sprint points:


1st Intermediate Sprint – 42.4 km

1. SALEH Mohamed Harrif – TSG (3 pts)

2. SIZKO Antti – CMC (2 pts)

3. KANKOVSKY Alois – ADP (1 pt)


2nd Intermediate Sprint – 77.4 km (CAT3)

1. SALEH Mohamed Harrif – TSG (3 pts)

2. KANKOVSKY Alois – ADP (2 pts)

3. KHALILI KHOSROSHAHI Benham – IRI ( (1 pt)


3rd Intermediate Sprint – 141 km

1. SALEH Mohamed Harrif – TSG (3 pts)

2. HANACHI Abdelbasat – ALG (2 pts)

3. SALLEH Mohamed Zamri – TSG (1 pt)



The riders who will wear the jerseys tomorrow are as below:


Leader’s Jersey: KANKOVSKY Alois (ASC Dukla Praha)

KOM Jersey: ASADOV Elchin (Azerbaijan National)

Points Jersey: SALEH Mohamed Harrif (Terengganu)

Best Asian Rider’s Jersey: UNALAN Recep (Brisaspor Lassa)


Mohamed Harrif Saleh, Alois Kankovsky ve Elchin Asadov 


Stage Classification – Top 10:

1. KANKOVSKY Alois – ASC Dukla Praha

2. UNALAN Recep – Brisaspor Lassa

3. KALZ Marcel – Rudy Project

4. SHIRI Hamid – Urmia Municipality

5. SOHRABI Mehdi – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

6. KADLEC Milan – ASC Dukla Praha

7. JASER Nazir – Syria National

8. DI BATTISTA Antonio – Amore e Vita

9. HASANIN Omar – Syria National

10. TANRIVERDI Ali Riza – Brisaspor Lassa


General Classification after 2nd stage – Top 10:

1. KANKOVSKY Alois – ASC Dukla Praha

2. SALEH Mohamed Harrif – Terengganu

3. UNALAN Recep – Brisaspor Lassa

4. ASADOV Elchin – Azerbaijan National

5. KALZ Marcel – Rudy Project

6. SEFA Ylber – Albania National

7. HANACHI Abdelbasat – Algeria National

8. SIZKO Antti – CCN – Metalac

9. KHALILI KHOSROSHAHI Benham – Azad University Giant

10. SHIRI Hamid – Urmia Municipality


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