Tour of Iran 2013 Winner is Ghader Mizbani

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6th Stage: Tebriz – Tebriz (101 km – 9 laps)



Today we witnessed the sixth and last stage of Tour of Iran. While Milan Kadlec of ASC Dukla Praha won the stage, Ghader Mizbani, who took the leader jersey from Kankovsky yesterday, became the overall leader of the tour.




The riders reached the finish line after pedalling a total of 101 km-long route consisting of 9 laps, which also includes an intermediate sprint. There were many amateur cyclists and local people of all ages who came to watch the final stage of the tour, which was held around Elgoli Park.




The commisaire who had an accident at the fifth stage was back on duty today, after coming back from the hospital.



The peloton remained bunched until the end of the 5th lap, but it started to split when approaching the last laps and some of the riders couldn’t finish the stage in time.



At the end of nine laps, the first name to see the finish line was Milan Kadlec, while his team-mate Alois Kankovsky took the second place and Aleksandar Aleksiev of Brisaspor took the third.




According to these results, the rider who will take the Golden Jersey home after 6 stages of struggling, will be Ghader Mizbani and the other jerseys will be as below:

Leader Jersey: MIZBANI IRANAGH Ghader – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

Points Jersey: KANKOVSKY Alois – ASC Dukla Praha

KOM Jersey: MIZBANI IRANAGH Ghader – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

Best Asian Rider Jersey: MIZBANI IRANAGH Ghader – Tabriz Petrochemical Team



The tour organizator, to whom we interviewed during the race, mentioned that they were willing to take the Tour of Iran to 2.1 category, and added that, since the last decision would be made by UCI, it would be early to speak surely.



Stage Classification – Top 10:

1. KADLEC Milan – ASC Dukla Praha

2. KANKOVSKY Alois – ASC Dukla Praha

3. ALEKSIEV Aleksandar – Brisaspor Lassa

4. KWOK Ho Ting M. – Hong Kong China National

5. SHIRI Hamid – Urmia Municipality

6. CHABANE Hichem – Algeria National

7. FEDOSSEYEV Artur – Kazakhstan National

8. KARIMOV Ruslan – Uzbekistan National

9. GHAFFARI Vahid – AZT – Tabriz

10. ALIZADEH Hossein – Amore e Vita


General Classification after 6th Stage – Top 10:

1. MIZBANI IRANAGH Ghader – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

2. KOLAHDOZHAGH Amir – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

3. KADLEC Milan – ASC Dukla Praha

4. ALIZADEH Hossein – Amore e Vita

5. SAFARZADEH Saeid – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

6. KHADEMI Ali – Iran National

7. HALMURATOV Muradjan – Uzbekistan National

8. MOAZEMI GODARZI Arvin – Iran National

9. FEDOSSEYEV Artur – Kazakhstan National

10. CHABANE Hichem – Algeria National



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