Artvin Şavşat Media Announcement

13/04/2011  //     //  Mountain Bike


Artvin is globally going on attracting attention with a tension increasing
project. There is few time left to the Artvin-Savsat International MTB Cup
which will make entire Turkey and world experience the competitive athlete’s
race excitement on 16th of April.


Artvin-Savsat district governor Salih Altun offers his worldwide project to
DOKA (East Blacksea Region Development Agency) for the region that provide
for its livestock breeding and tourism income. Among his projects those he
makes an effort to present Artvin’s and Savsat’s fantastic natural beauties,
in the mountain bike cup project will attract much attention by reason of
its content and will make people turn their heads to Artvin-Savsat.





        International Savsat Mountain Bike
Cup is quite important by means of world’s first carbon neutral cycling
organization. World’s gradually increasing temperature can be prevented just
by decreasing greenhouse gas wobulation. While human being provide its vital
needs like lumination, transportation, heating and productional, it causes
greenhouse wobulation. The goal is to decrease greenhouse wobulation,
prevent global warming and therefore becoming desert and to leave a livable
world for future.


Carbondioxide wobulation that has the largest portion in greenhouse gases,
during the International Savsat Mountain Bike Cup organization, will be
calculated by Myclimate Turkey which is the world’s biggest carbon
adjustment foundation and after the organization it will be neutralized by
carbon credits of Turkey’s one of the important wind projects. This is
another important indicator of Artvin city’s protection on green fields.


Briefly, mountain bike races are national or international organizations,
lasting about 2 hours, generally changing between 3 to 7 laps depending on
age categories.


Mtb races happen at off-road courses which have different technical
difficulties and cyclists race with bikes those have required components of
this category.


No matter which category everyone are in, they’ll go back their homes
happily with the money awards they got in Şavşat race. Let’s remember the
awards will be given in this race:


Elite Men / Elite Women Category: 5140 Euro

Junior Men / Junior Women Category: 1380 Euro

Men / Women U23 Category: 2160 Euro

Master Men Category: 1080 Euro


Artvin Savsat Mountain Bike Race was planned as a national mtb race during
its project phase. By means of Turkish Cycling Federation’s big support and
great interest, it became UCI Class 2 level International race and
transformed to a sensational, important social and cycling organization.
Over 150 mountain bike racer will participate in the race including native
and foreign cyclists. Participation of prime minister, sports minister and
many authorities is expected.


We are expecting your (media members’) interest and participation to the
International Artvin Savsat Mountain Bike Race Organization which will also
attract world media’s attention by being a Carbon Neutral Cycling


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