Lampre-Merida: ”From First to the Last Stage”

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Italy’s ProTeam Lampre-Merida, shared their opinions on the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2013 before coming to race at the Tour for the 6th time. The blue-fuchsia colored team’s sport director of Turkey, Bruno Vicizo said, “The team’s main goal is to honor in the best way such charming race. That’s why in the team selection there will be a top athlete as Filippo Pozzato, young talents as Palini and Wackermann and International cyclist as Miguel Ubeto (Venezuelan national champion) and Maximiliano Richeze.”


The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey will be hosting the 31-year-old experienced cyclist Filippo Pozzato and end the former national champion’s resting period after Paris-Roubaix. Team Lampre-Merida is bringing the line-up of 2013 Paris-Roubaix to Turkey. Filippo Pozzato, Elia Favilli, Andrea Palini, Davide Vigano, Maximiliano Richeze, Luca Wackermann and Alessandro Petacchi had taken place in Paris-Roubaix. Petacchi who had participated in the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 3 times (2008, 2011 and 2012) will not be coming to Turkey this year. Instead,  Massimo Graziato and Miguel Ubeto will be there for the climb profiles.


To explain Team Lampre-Merida’s opinions on the course of TUR 2013, Bruno Vicino commented: “We know that Tour of Turkey course is quite demanding, but also we consider that there will be chances for fast wheels. So, in selecting the riders, we tried to create a mix of qualities.” So, on which stages will the blue-fucshia colored team focus on this year’s Tour? Vicino mentioned, “We did not focus the attention on one stage in particular: as we’ve explained just before, the team will be a mix of different qualities that would allow us to be competitive from the first to the last stage,” indicating that they are aiming for the GC as well.



Team Lampre-Merida, commenting on the changes on the course and its effects on the team, “The stages’ profiles won’t be so different than the past edition, we think that it’s a demanding course that could give value to talented cyclists, so for our team it’s a positive thing,” will surely have an influence on the enjoyable competition at the climbs. They also agree that the experienced teams are well prepared for the profiles of the Tour 2013 and will be coming to Alanya via Antalya.


Team Lampre-Merida, as a remarkable part of our Tour since 2008, added that they can’t wait to race at this year’s Tour. Vicino said, “Since 2008, we’ve been taking part in the race and we’ve always been very happy to come to Turkey. The organizers are fully oriented to satisfy the teams and cyclists needs and they work hard year by year to improve the race. Tour of Turkey gave us the chance to appreciate the charm of Turkey and its amazing landscapes.”


A total of 15 people will be ready for the first stage on Sunday: Bruno Vicino as the Sport Director; Baron, Del Gallo and Varalli as team masseurs; Possoni and Vigano as mechanical support and Guardascione as the doctor of the team, will accompany the Italian team comprising 8 cyclists.


Written by Aylin Koç

Translated by Deniz Çağırgan

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