Tour of Marmara 3rd Stage – The winner is Uğur Marmara, Hasanin Omar Defends the Yellow Jersey

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The Tour of Marmara’s 3rd stage of 120km started today with 49 (the tour had started with 57) riders from Akçakoca – Adapazarı. Previous day’s stage winner from Syria National Team Hasanin Omar with his Yellow Jersey dominated the race one more time today. During our interview with him after yesterday’s stage we’d asked him “What will happen at the 3rd stage?” and he had answered “Turkey has 4 teams and Syria has only one but this isn’t important at all. God willing…! Inshallah!” After today’s stage we rephrase this expression of his as “Smart strategy, well performance Masallah!” Because the 4 Turkish teams couldn’t provide the necessary coordination among themselves and couldn’t figure out the right plans unfortunately today the Turkish teams couldn’t get the Yellow Jersey to one of theirs. Tomorrow, this is going to be even harder.



After the stage, the Turkish found consolation at the podium with Uğur Marmara from BrisaSpor’s 1st, Ahmet Akdilek from ManisaSpor’s 2nd, and Rasim Reis from BrisaSpor’s 3rd places.




With the start from Akçakoca, the first climbing of 20km was the best part of the course to close the distance of 55s with the Yellow Jersey. After the mountain primes at the 20th km the course was flat and sometimes with descends so it wouldn’t be much possible for the uncoordinated Turkish teams to close that gap during the rest of the course. As a matter of fact, in the end Hasanin Omar won the struggle one more time. 







Beginning from the first minutes of the race especially BrisaSpor riders tried to divide the peloton with tactical attacks. However none of the riders from other Turkish teams who had a chance with the Yellow Jersey replied the attacks. For instance Ali Rıza Tanrıverdi attempted an attack from the 7th km to the 15th and slammed the peloton up to 45s but as expected, it didn’t work at all. Syrian riders took the initiative and controlled the race to the 20th km staying at the front lines of the peloton.





Getting close to the 20th km, the first attack from the peloton came from Ahmet Akdilek from ManisaSpor followed by Kemal Küçükbay from Brisaspor and other Turkish riders. At the last kilometer attacks were successful but Hasanin Omar did a good job keeping up with the attackers and being the 4th one to pass the prime point. The mountain primes were won respectively by Marek Canecky – ManisaSpor, Jeremy Yates – ManisaSpor and Nazım Bakırcı – BrisaSpor. The quad pedaled together for sometime however after decreasing their pace, they were caught by the assertive riders from the peloton and constructed a strong group carrying the Syrian rider to the 30th km.





The Green Jersey bearer Gökhan Hasta attacked individually with 25s of gap from the leading group.



At the 37th km, the distance between the peloton and the leading group was 1m 15s. After that point instead of pacing up, the leading group slowed down and with short attacks, tried to shake off Hasanin Omar but couldn’t achieve that. 





Because of this lowered pace, Syrian National Team riders could catch up with the leading group. At the 43rd km, an attack group of 4 occured including Gökhan. Him and Norwegian rider Kristian Dyrnes attempted to run away together but couldn’t accomplish. Meantime the peloton caught the leading group and till the 48th km the whole peloton was leaded by Syrians. From the 50th km, an attack group occured including Borge Godejord – Norway National Team, Kemal Küçükbay  – BrisaSpor, Ahmet Akdilek – ManisaSpor and Eyüp Karagöbek – Konya Torku.





At the 55th km, this attack group got caught by the peloton. BrisaSpor’s strong young domestic Rasim Reis attacked to change the faith of the race and Ahmet Akdilek from ManisaSpor followed him. The duple was after supported by the involvement of Uğur Marmara. Even if Syrians in the peloton reacted that attack, after released them since they didn’t threaten the Yellow Jersey. 




The triad got on well together and slammed the peloton up to 1m 15s but the peloton raised cadence and didn’t let the distance increase more. The triad reached the sprint gate at the 75th km together and passed in order; Uğur Marmara, Ahmet Akdilek and Rasim Reis. 




The triad pedaled together till the end of the race. 500m to the finish, attacks started but Uğur Marmara defended the front line and finished the Akçakoca-Adapazarı stage of 120km with 02:48:13 as the winner. Ahmet Akdilek from ManisaSpor finished 2nd and Rasim Reis from BrisaSpor finished 3rd.



The struggle for the 4th place was worth seeing. The rising athlete Ali Rıza Tanrıverdi succeeded in beating his teammate Nazım Bakırcı. When we had a look at the race results, 5 the first 6 riders was from Brisaspor which is a great success for the team today. Brisaspor defended their first place at the team ranking. During the interview after the stage with Uğur Marmara, he told that he was happy with the result but that wasn’t his plan, they did all they could to get the Yellow Jersey for Nazım but they couldn’t achieve so he was a bit upset.




Nazım Bakırcı who’s been upset for two days commented as, “We responded at the mountain primes at the 20th km but our teams lack coordination and concentration to work together and get the Yellow Jersey for a Turkish rider, they all kept on with their own plans.”







Deputy Chief Abdurrahman Açıkalın said, “Syrians didn’t let the 55s to be closed up but 3 riders could run away. Only Uğur Marmara was close to the Olympics quota among the attackers. This wasn’t what we wanted but it’s still a good result. Syrian team is well prepared since the Tour of Syria will begin at the end of the month. I’m afraid Hasanin Omar won’t let go the Yellow Jersey tomorrow.”





4th Stage:

This stage of 110km between Adapazarı-Kocaeli will start at 11:00 tomorrow and will be the last stage of the 2nd Tour of Marmara. At the 37th km the last sprint primes of the Tour is placed. At the 84,4th km it’ll be the climbers’ turn for the Red Jersey struggle. All the challenge will come to an end in front of the Kocaeli Municipal building.


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