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Nowadays, owing to the technological improvements as well, listening to music while training has become a must for many atlethes. Consequently, companies are in competition wtih each other in order to offer better quality, affordable and ergonomically optimized products to their customers. This year, Japanese electronics giant Sony has launched its new product  W273 Sports Walkman. Ironman Çağlar Çiftçi had written a general review on various waterproof mp3 players and he came to the conclusion that W273 has the best performance among all. So, as, we’ve prepared a special review about this product and we can say that Sony’s W273 stands at a significant point among all of the options when it comes to waterproof mp3 players.



Below, you’ll find our opinions on Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman’s technical features and its performance in different sports under a couple of main titles.


Water resistant performance

W273’s most important feature might be its being the first 100% waterproof Walkman of Sony. The product is rated IPX8 by the JIS waterproof standards, meaning it’s always usable when submerged in water. Thanks to this feature, it is a very good solution for long and exhausting training sessions especially for the swimmers. W273 can be used in depths up to 2 metres. Since there’s more pressure in the deep than on the surface, the sound changes for sure. But if you’re not planning to use the product in Scuba or Skin dives, then you don’t need to worry about it either. After all, usage in sea water is not recommended by the company. On the other hand, you don’t have to take your Walkman off even in shower when the water is hot. However, for using it in the swimming pool, you should put the earphones on before you enter the water when your ears are still dry. Otherwise you can have some problems with the sound. In fact, many waterproof solutions for swimming have the same problem; if there’s water between your ears and the earphones, the sound waves can not reach inside your ears correctly. So naturally you hear a lower or deeper sound. You can surely use this product in the rain and enjoy listening to music while running or riding your bicycle even when it’s wet all around.





Light and compact design

Alongside the intelligence lying behind the W273’s design, there’s simplicity as well. When designing this model, its designers thought about every little detail from ergonomics to the placement of the buttons and this makes the W273 a very practical mp3 player. The conveniently located buttons on the earphones allow you to easily pause and play the playback, adjust the volume, search the playlist and shuffle. You can feel the tactile dots on “Play” and “Volume up” buttons in order to make you understand that you’re on the right buttons. Besides you hear a voice confirming your actions. There’s a “power lock switch” to prevent the device from being turned on accidentally, when carrying it in your bag or pocket. Since its small, you won’t feel any discomfort during your work out. Just like in the bluetooth earphones, there are no attaching cables in W273 either; so you can really free up your movement. When it comes to the appearance; it has a stylish and modern design and you can choose the best Walkman for yourself among 3 different colour options of balck, white and blue. Owing to its light (29 grams) and compact design, you can easily carry it in your bag, pocket or on your neck.




Ergonomic features

Another important feature of W273 which has a very ergonomic design, is that it doesn’t fall off your ears even on the intense work-outs when running, cycling off-road or swimming. To maintain the correct sound volume in water, 3 different sizes of ear-buds come with the product . By doing this, the company plans to ensure that there’s no gap allowing water into the ear because of usage in different types of ears. You should use the most appropriate ear-bud size and adjust the adjustment band according to your head to make sure you’re not interrupted while listening to music and use the W273 in the most efficient way possible. Besides, you can bend the neckband according to your ears’ shape; don’t worry, it doesn’t break! If you’re still not comfortable with your mp3 player’s position, try stabilizing it using the band of your swimming goggles and swimming bonnet. With the right ear-buds and way of usage, Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman will be your best friend in endurance trainings. You won’t be counting the tiles of the swimming pool anymore; on the contrary, you’ll be able to take your performance to higher levels with each stroke with the help of the rhythm. When running, again, thanks to the secure in-ear fit, you won’t experience any problems about the earphones. Furthermore, as we mentioned above, you don’t have to deal with a cable since it has a wire-free design. So, there’s no risk of hitting the cable while running, causing the earphones fall off and ruining your motivation.




Sound quality

W273 doesn’t have an equalizer, but no matter what you listen to, the bass-treble balance is protected very well. This is an important feature for the ones who want to both listen to music while working out and hear good quality sound. You might not be expecting this much from such a small and light mp3 player; but as you can imagine, Sony did it again. It’s a pleasure to hear the clear sound and feel the bass with the usual Sony quality. The only thing that can be a problem while jogging or running is that on each step you hear the sound deeper and feel the pressure in your ears more than usual. This pressure you feel at the beginning will fade away soon when you start to get used to it and you’ll enjoy the music with Sony quality. When you use it on the bicycle, though W273 makes you feel the rhythm, it might cause some problems on busy streets of our country. Because of its water resistant feature, it totally isolates the surrounding sounds. Thus, you should be careful when cycling especially in traffic. As you know, there’s still no “respect for cyclists” in traffic in real terms in our country. This is already a big problem for cyclists, so when you close yourself to the surrounding sounds it might get worse. So you’d better be cautious about this. If you’re not sure of yourself about cycling on busy streets, we recommend you to take a break from using your Walkman. On the other hand, W273 Walkman will provide pleasant rides when there are no cars around.



Battery life and Playback

Charging W273 Walkman’s battery and adding your favourite exercise beats in it is quite easy. You simply attach it on the USB cradle (it must be dry) and as soon as you connect it to your computer -doesn’t matter if you’re using Mac™ or Windows®-, it starts to charge. A window appears and you drag & drop your songs from your music library to this window. You can also see the battery level and the free space in your mp3 player’s memory. It has a satisfying battery life; a full charge (1.5 hrs) gives up to 8 hours of uninterrupted listening. If you’re in a hurry, you can take advantage of the quick 3-minute charge, providing playback for 60 minutes. During the playback, the ZAPPIN™ song search technology of Sony lets you browse quickly through all your music without interrupting your workout, allowing you to preview a bit of each track without fiddly searches through menus or playlists. With its 4 GB memory and 990 songs capacity, we think that W273 will satisfy many people.




Taking care of your Walkman

If you want to use your Walkman for years efficiently, you should take good care of it for sure. So you’d better wash it gently with fresh water at room temperature. You’ll find the necessary information on the quick start guide which is published seperately for every language.



As, we used and tested Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman for you. In my opinion, this dynamic and energetic mp3 player, will fill the void especially during your swimming workouts. We can say that this is the best  mp3 player among all the others we tested so far. The athletes spending a lot of time in the swimming pool, will surely love this product. Sony NWZ-W273 Walkman will be your best friend at your enduring workouts.


Other companies had produced waterproof models especially for swimmers, too. However, this product of Sony can be used not only in swimming but also in all kinds of sports comfortably. You can use the W273 either during your boring 2-hour swimming trainings or your fitness workouts which you do alone; or you can feel the rhythm while cycling or running for hours and make your exercises much more attractive.



On the other hand, although Sony NWZ-W273 is designed especially for sports people, it is an mp3 player that we can recommend for everyday use as well. If you’re one of those who like to enjoy music in every moment of his/her life without searching for the songs you want for hours or charging the player’s battery often, you should have this product. You can be sure that even walking for a healthy life or just walking the dog will be more fun.



One other reason this product deserves to be commended is alongside its quality and features, it has an affordable price such as 155 TL (approx. 90USD) at The product couldn’t be found in their stock last month due to too much demand. Now that it is in stock once again, you can buy it on its page on Btsony.





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