Salcano Assos XC XX

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Contrast to our previous tests and reviews, this time we’ll review a
bike ridden by someone among us and also well-known in race community,
who is mountain bike Turkey champion Bilal Akgul.

Turkey’s champion’s bike was expectedly a Turkish bike brand, Salcano for sure.




By means of the interest increase on bicycle in last years, Salcano
increased the variety of models and started to produce parallel products
with world bike market. The model that we’ll review here is Salcano
Assos XC XX, the ultimate model in Salcano’s 26″ wheel professional
mountain bike serie.



Fully carbon frame both increases shock absorbing and also provides
lightness in rough off-road conditions. This frame has successful lines
and being manufactured in 4 different size, as 15 – 16.5 – 18 and 20″.


Rock Shox’s ultimate model mountain fork SID XX WC (World Cup) has
100 mm travel and can be locked by hydraulic system on handlebar. It is
softer and more successful than usual mechanical locking which is a plus
of this high end suspension fork.



The “XX” phrase in Assos XC XX comes from Sram XX serie, which is
entirely used on this bike. 2 x 10 gear system has been preferred also
for Salcano Assos XC XX, like seen on many high end mountain bikes.






As brake system, Sram XX’s hydraulic disc, 160 mm kit stops the bike
efficiently. 160 mm rotor in the front is adequate for most courses on
bikes for light-weight elite racers though.

Even some “weght-weenies” may prefer smaller 140 mm rotos in the rear.



Both handlebar, stem, seatpost and headset on this bike were
Ritchey’s ultimate serie WCS. This light and stiff serie has been
preferred by many racer for years.



Prologo’s Nago Evo Ti seat has titanium rails as it is understood
from its name. With light foam over these hallow rails, a 195 grams of
light saddle has been formed. Its 130 mm width is eligible for
light-weight bikers.


Prologo Nago Evo Ti seats


With French Mavic company’s high end model in its mountain wheelsets
Crossmax SLR, it is possible to climb every kind of hill easily and
provides Assos XC XX a smooth ride. Bearing type this wheelset attracts
attention by its eye-catching look and specific spoke style. Wheelset’s
total weight is only 1440 grams.




Mavic Crossmax SLR wheelset


German brand Continental Race King Tubeless tire set has been
combined with this tubeless compatible wheelset. 26 x 2.2″ size tires
gives confidence in trails and provides you to ride on technical courses
easier. Its actual width was measured as 2.19″ and having lower knob
profile than other members of the serie, X King and Mountain King. This
provides faster ride for sure.




By its 5250$ price, Assos XC XX represents that it is for pros, deserves its price by its all high end components.


Salcano Assos XC XX which weighs 9.15 kg, got A+ from us as an
off-road race bike which leads its most famous rider Bilal Akgul go to
the stage in each race.



Reviewed by : Fatih Buzgan


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