Nazım Bakırcı is Back on Roads for 2012 After a Short Break

26/10/2011  //     //  General Announcements and News ( Bicycle, Triathlon, Athletics, Swimming )



We’d interviewed with Nazım Bakırcı after the end of the season, who shared the same spot with David Moncoutie on the first page of the Europe ranking list. After an exhausting season, athletes could take a break from all, but what are they doing with the time they have? We’re following the hardworking professional riders who just take a short break after the intense tiring race season to make an example of, and Nazım Bakırcı is one of those. Nazım had a rest just for a week and now he’s trying to conserve his form for his goals for the 2012 season. 



Spending every single day resting and keeping his performance on, commented as “As the season of 2011 ended, I had a break for a week and then started to work for the next season. There’s a quite important period ahead of us and we must make use of it in the best way we can. Thus, I kept my break short and started to work for the next season. I’m not pushing myself too hard and keep the trainings lightweight in order not to lower my performance and not to stay away from my bike for too long. In addition, I included swimming to my trainings. ” for his break.



One of the strongest riders of Turkey and as a rising star of 2011 season, Nazım Bakırcı seems to be determined to keep on making us proud for the 2012 season as well. It’s a great pleasure as well to follow them feeling proud.


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