Lampre ISD and Zerorh+ Renewed The Sponsorship

15/12/2011  //     //  General Announcements and News ( Bicycle, Triathlon, Athletics, Swimming )




After a great success in last season, Zero Industry and Lampre-ISD signed the renewal of the sponsorship and supplying of cycling sunglasses and casual sunglasses for 2012 too.

From Australia to Qatar desert, from the Belgian cobblestones to the mountains of Giro d’Italia, from the Pyrenees climbs to the Chinese Great Wall, the victories of the champions from Lampre-ISD were always supported by zerorh+ eyewear, a company that will offer to the Team for the next year a model of sunglasses that was specifically created with the aim to satisfy the needs of the athletes: Ghota limited Edition, a perfect balance of design and quality.

New zerorh+ sunglasses, thanks to their interchangeable lenses, grant a top visibility in every kind of weather and light situation. Moreover, they were realized with the aim of being light but strong, with a design that envelops the athlete’s face, a real airbag for the riders’ eyes.

Gotha sunglasses are the result of a winning cooperation of Zero Industry with Lampre-ISD’s athletes, who contributed, with the designer of the company, to realize a product characterized by a high technical profile that will allow the top quality at the agonistic level.

Thanks to the renewal of the sponsorship and supplying agreement, all the blue-fuchsia champions will wear in 2012 too zerorh+ sunglasses in order to live an exciting cycling season. A perfect cooperation that confirms the commitment of Zero Industry in the cycling world, thanks to the passion by Alberto Brignone, founder of the company, who’s been working for years in order to realize top products for sports people.

Giuseppe Saronni, general manager from Lampre-ISD, commented the renewal of the cooperation: “Quality of the materials and professional support: zerorh+ allowed us to live a perfect season, so it has been easy for us to choose to go on in the partnership. Our cyclists appreciated all the sunglasses supplied, especially because they could manage every kind of weather and light situation. Of course, the deep cooperation by zerorh+ with the athletes and with the team staff was very useful for the realization of products of top qualities. We hope to go on obtaining good results in 2012 too with zerorh+.




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