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Some of us desires the best when buying a new bike or upgrading an
existing one. Even though it seems that only the rich can buy the bike
they want, actually many bike-lover and

bike-racers can buy the bike they desire after long term savings.


We will review Raven 1.0, the top end model of mountain bikes for the
ones who aren’t satisfied with what we called the ideal starting bike Black Hills in our previous review.


Focus is an already quality-proven brand and its fame has outreached
Germany. When you want to review the high-end model of the serie knowing
these, you also look for best of the best.




If we look from the racers’ point of view (I was once a racer myself)
we all know that every single gram is a disadvantage. So in mountain
bike races, especially in XC Marathon races, this lightness feature gets
way much more important. Sponsored racers have been able to race on
road-bike-light mountain bikes like 8 kg for 5-6 years though. That’s
why if you want to compete with those racers in equal conditions or if
you want to be able to take/beat your friends comfortably in your group
trail rides, you will need a bike like Raven 1.0.


Raven 1.0 series which has been in the market almost for 4 years come
across us with more superior models by increasing product quality every
year. Lets look at Raven 1.0’s components now;


Since its frame has been made up of carbon, both the frame’s weight
and overall weight of the bike is reasonably light. If you havent ridden
carbon frame yet, you can realize how much ahead of aluminum frames in
impact absorption and comfort topics from the very beginning. Sure if
you are an experienced rider who can test the bike in any condition,
you’ll get addicted to this difference then.


The frame has another plus other than its being fully carbon. BB 30
which we have been coming more across recently on high end carbon
frames, has also been used on Raven 1.0.

Since bottom bracket has wider diameter than traditional bottom
brackets, more effective ride is being provided by lowering the
flexibility ratio of the frame in each pedal load.


Another advantage is its having shorter BB axle, so pedals are closer
and thus it offers lower air resistance. Despite its advantages except
robustness are questionable, even few advantage can make the experienced
cyclists and racers happy in long term.


Internal cables is an indicator of a high end frame. This provides more effective gearing and longer lifespan.



By the way, we must also remind you that the drop-outs of the frame
are made from carbon. Frame’s head tube has a similar look to Trek Elite
9.9. It gives a stronger effect than traditional head-tubes.



Rock Shox SID XX WCR model has been preferred as front suspension.
The fork has 100 mm travel, remote lock-out and also 15 mm thru-axle
extraordinary for traditional mountain bikes. By means of thicker axle
than usual quick release axles, it offers robustness in front hub, thats
why 20 mm standart has been being used in downhill bikes for years. In
high end bikes like Raven 1.0, in order to be superior than its rivals,
some advanced features of different category bikes have been imitated
like 15 mm thru-axle (from downhill bikes) and BB 30 (from road bikes)


You can feel less tiredness especially in the last kilometers of 80
km long cross country marathon races with this very light 1356 gram,
carbon steered and having 32 mm pistons. Sure, lightness isnt everything
but this fork offers all the technology you need.


One of the components of Raven 1.0 I liked was famous with its
rigidity DT Swiss XCR 1350 wheelset. Since this disc brake wheelset has
carbon rims, it has a very light weight like 1350 grams.

To be compatible with 15 mm thru-axle forks, this wheelset has been
comes with 15 mm sized front hub as well. Considering rigidity and
ligthness with this wheelset that I call ideal about this, fluent ride
is being offered.



Other rolling parts like tires completing this superior wheelset were
Continental Race King Race Sport model. Each 26 x 2.2″ size folding
tire weighs 500 g and for the ones who arent satisfied with this weight
may prefer the high end model of the serie, Race King Supersonic (26 x
2.2″ = 470 g, 26 x 2.0″ = 430 g) By its 180 TPI quality form and
robustness, you’ll be experiencing fast rides.



Sram’s superior serie XX in shifting system also reveals the bike’s
target audience. When we look at the details, we see that the gear
ratios are 42-28 in the front and 11-36 in the rear. Most of us know
that the Sram XX family has a 2×10 gear system. It aims to offer less
shifting option in the front, giving more effective gearing system to
well-trained cyclists by increasing additional gear option to the
traditional 9 speed system.


Avid’s XX serie hydraulic disc brake has been chosen. I like this both responsive and light model as well.



Carbon bar and aluminum stem were oversized 3T’s color matching Xida
Team and ARX Team models. Seatpost was again 3T’s Doric Team model. This
seatpost is 31.6 mm and made up of carbon. Bike’s saddle which was
built on this light components was again 190 gram light model Fizik
Tundra 2 K:IUM. Seat takes its K:IUM name from its rails’ being a
special alloy.


Focus Raven 1.0’s price range is 6982 to 7350 euros depending on the
payment term. The bike with such high-end components deserves its price.


Reviewed by : Fatih Buzgan








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