Advertising offers these kind of services to the bicycle lovers both in Turkey and all around the world:


  • Our “Forum” that allows cyclists from all over the world to share information and ask their questions,
  • Articles” that help cyclists follow the news from all around the world and consequently continue their lifestyle in a more enjoyable way with better knowledge in order to experience this culture,
  • Our “Galleries” that include pictures and videos of the cycling and triathlon organizations which we participated with our Media Team and professional photographers,
  • Our “Newsletter” that provide a weekly summary of the news for the cyclists who have to stay away from their pc’s and can not be able to check the internet very often,
  • Our own “Cycling Organization” which happens annually (Cyclingtr Traditional Uludag Performance Climbing),
  • Publishing the important news, both local and international, not only in Turkish but also in English and German languages.


Since July 2012, has 3000 daily visitors, including mostly cyclists, triathletes and people who are interested in other sports as well. (You can find Alexa Site Analysis data here) This means, via, you can reach 40.000 people who are in your company’s target group, on monthly average.


Besides reaching more cyclists, if you would like to help providing them a better quality service, increase their population and while supporting our efforts, introduce them your company at the same time, you can apply for advertising on simply by filling the required fields on the application form below.


It doesn’t matter if your company is a big or small one. is always here for those who have the vision to provide a better service in cycling all around the world. We have advertising options for small companies as well, which means every single company that is interested in the sports of cycling and triathlon can apply for advertising on


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