Bilal Akgül Wins International Artvin – Savsat Mtb Cup (Class 2)

20/04/2011  //     //  Dağ Bisikleti DH ve FR


On Saturday, mountain bike race in the C2
classification was held in the Black Sea region to the very east of the
county of Artvin province Şavşat despite the challenging conditions of the
track it was successfully completed.



There wasn’t just
a mountain bike race in Şavşat also Şavşat achieved many firsts in this
subject with this race.World’s first Carbon Neutral Mountain Bike Race came
true including about 1500 audience and more than 150 mountain bike racer. At
the same time it was the first and had the most international (Class2-XCO)
participants, also all the participants in each category has been awarded.

_____The Project has
started in 2010 with the initiative of Governer of Şavşat Salih Altun,
National road cyclist Aziz Sırnaç and General Directorate of Youth and
Sports and it has gotten the full support of Türkiye Bicycle Federatin in
2011.With the initiative of Türkiye Bicycle Federation’s President Emin
Müftüoğlu and General Secretary of the Cycling Federation Bekir Gezer,
Şavşat Mountain bike Race was put on the 2011 race calendar by
UCI(International Bicycle Union) as in International Level (Class2-CXO)
mountain bike race.

_____The race was
sponsored by 3M Energy incorporated company, Elit incorporated company,
Artvin Lumber and Salcano also one of the most important features of the
race was that with the initiative of one of the biggest sponsor Myclimate it
was the world’s first Carbon Neutral Bicycle Race Organization held in
Türkiye Artvin-Şavşat.

Şavşat Mountain Bike Cup is also the world’s first Carbon Neutral Bicycle
Organization. The earth’s increasingly growing heat can be stopped with only
by reducing the wobulation of conservatory gas. Humankind causes wobulation
of conservatory gas during providing vital needs like electricity,
transportation, heating and productional needs. The ultimate purpose is to
reduce the wobulation of the conservatory gas and to put a stop to global
warming by doing that to put a stop to climate changes and to be able to
leave a livable wold to the future generation.

_____Carbon dioxide
emission  has the biggest sahare in the conservatory gas, during
International Şavşat Mountain Bike Race the world’s biggest Carbon offset
foundation Myclimate’s  Türkiye leg will be calcualting it and after the
event it will be evened out  by using Tükiye’s important wind projects
carbon emission credits. This is an indicator for Artvin to own it’s green.
From this angle this organization also very important.

_____The preparations
that started from months ago, presented services before and after the race
has pleased everyone that who was interested in the race and who was curios
about the ending of the race.

_____If we were to talk
about impressions of the race day and the race:

_____For the athletes
to arrive and their accommodation was tried to set up with the support of
intensive efforts and labors of the organization committee, Şavşat District
and Artvin Governer. For the race that distributed total of 9760 Euro award
money, busses was taken off from Ankara and İstanbul. While the athletes who
was coming from İstanbul, arrived to Şavşat after approximately 28 hours of
travel, the athletes who were coming from Ankara arrived to Şavşat in about
20 hours. Upon arrival to Şavşat the stunning nature and the sound of the
Çoruh river cause them to forget theiır exhaustion. The athletes were
settled and satisfied in the hotels and lodgings which was set by the

mountain bike cup which is the season’s first official mountain bike race
turned into a tough time race fort the athletes because of the season’s
disadvantages. Karagöl which is nearby Meşeli village that is bound to
Artvin’s Şavşat district. The race track was set around the Karagöl which
was surrounded with the wonder of nature and pine forest was almost covered
with mud due to the season conditions. Karagöl and surrounded area has an
altitude of nearly 1650 m which was covered with snow due to the temperature
under the ordinary season climate. The snow had been melted and the race
track had been brought to acceptable for riding by Şavşat Governership team
that worked intensively before the race. Even though the athletes who wanted
to train had become pesimist due to the condition of the race track the day
of the race passes was possible by the soften mud. Beside the mud on the
track, the tree roots on the down and uphills also caused hard times for the
athletes. For the race track was held as approximatly 4 km. The athletes had
a common opinion that the race course included every difficulty and the
technical conditions. It was fortunate that there was no serious injuries
considering the various of accidents.

_____The athletes were
surprised and extremely pleased by the amount of the audience interest and
the cheers since they  are not used to seeing that. The audience density got
the attention of the local administration and the bicycle federation
executives which caused anthusiasm for everyone fort he race to be repeated
next year.

_____In the race at the
Elite men category 3 foreign of 26, U23 category 23,Elite woman category9,
Junior Man category 21, Cadet men Category 22, master30+ Category 15,
master40+ category 13 total of 143 athletes got a start.

_____On Saturday, the
athletes got to the race area and started lining up at the start line for
the race that was planned to start at 10:00 o’clock but the cold and the
rainy wheather caused involuntery interruption and push the start time to
10:35. The first race started with the Elite men and U23 Men category and
witnessed Bilal Akgül’s impressive performance from the first lap to the
race. Bilal Akgül increased the gap with his opponents every lap, at the end
of the race he passed his closest opponenet Maris Athanasadis from South
Cyprus by 4 minutes and got the first place with his 1:16:13 rating. Maris
Athanasadis had been fighting with Abdülkadir Kelleci for the second place
from the first lap, he increased his tempo on the last laps to 1.20:17 and
got the second place while Abdülkadir Kelleci took the third place wit a
small difference which the rating of 1:21:00.

_____Starting with the
Elite men U23 category competition was also very exciting. From the begining
of the race İshak Ünal from BrisaSpor was in the front with his teammates of
Elite category and kept his difference with his opponents while he was
taking the first place Hamza Kansız from Rize G.S.K and Bayram Eroğlu from
M.K.E. Ankaragücü was fighting fort he second place Hamza Kansız was the one
took the second place. Hamza Kansız finished with 1:23:52 seven seconds
behind him was Bayram Eroğlu with 1:23:59 and finished at the third place.

_____5 minutes after
the start of Elite and U23 men category Elite woman race started, Esra
Kürkçü and Semra Yetiş raced fort he first place. Race included 5 laps, Esra
Kürkçü got to the end with 1:29:05 and took first place. While Semra Yetiş
was following her with 1:29:33second place Burcu Asuman Balcı was following
both athletes 15 minutes behind ended at the third place.



_____Right after the
morning race award ceremony was held due to the cold and the rainy weather.
Cash prizes were distributed to athletes in rankings.

_____The athletes were
given pasta after the award ceremony. All the athletes were pleased
including the athletes that was athletes that was going to race in the
afternoon and the ones that already has.

_____In the afternoon
Cadet Men, Young Men categories started to race.Since the athletes had a
hard time in the morning on the track laps were reduced by 1 lap in the

_____First start was
given to the Junior category athletes. This category held 4 laps and
included athletes mostly from Sivas, Enes Polat and Burak Odabaşı from Sivas
G.S.I.M. was sharing the first and second place while Samet Kıv from
Gaziantep took the third place. The ratings of the athletes were: Enes Polat
1:07:50, Burak Odabaşı 1:12:16, Samet Kıv 0:58:07(3 Laps).

_____After the Cadet
categories, start of Junior and Master categories was given together. In the
4 lap race while Yusuf Çabık from M.K.E. Ankaragücü with 0:54:35 easily
taking the first place Ömer Faruk Kansız from Rize G.S.K. with 0:57:06
second place, Agit Salman from BrisaSpor with 0:58:59 was in the third place.

_____Again the Master
30+ race had 4 laps, while Nevzat Kıral from BrisaSpor with the rating of
0:59:33 easily taken the first place approximately 3 minutes behind him was
Salih Manavoğlu from Bursa B.B. Spor with 1:02:20 and Bora Tirki from M.K.E.
Ankaragücü with 1:03:59 took the third place.

_____In the Master 40+
category Mehmet Bozdemir from Kocaeli G.S.K. had gone 1 lap over his
opponents and took the first place with the rating of 1:13:16, with his
exciting push at the finish level Oğuz Çevik from Büyükçekmece Yeniay S.K.
with 1:01:26 (3 laps) took second place and Cengiz Uçkan from bursa B.B.
with 1:01:40 (3 Laps) came in third place.

_____For the race
results click

_____In general all the
athletes left Artvin-Şavşat as pleased. Accommodation and travelling that
was set by the organization, stunning nature and cash prize were the facts
those satisfying the athletes.


_____Hopefully all the
races after this one will appeal to a big audience like this one, such a
beautiful paradise corner and the significant projects associated with the
world’s future will be unified. And the prizes also the common accommodation
issues could be fixed  in favor of the athletes in the following bike races.


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