Andras Parti The Winner of Polonezkoy Mountain Bike Race,Our Points Gone

10/05/2011  //     //  Dağ Bisikleti DH ve FR



While The Presidential
Cycling Tour Of Turkey
had been being expected especially by roadies) is over, heads turned to the
other competitions in Turkey again. International
Polonezkoy Mountain Bike Race
made especially mountainbikers happy, was held for the 5th time on 8th of
May with 161 participants. Since this race was going to determine the last
point of Turkish mountain biking came(which has been losing blood recently)
in 2011, it was a big question also for us.

_____We were wondering how many cyclists or
cycling fans who often do 100-150 km long rides was going to come and watch
the 5th International Polonezkoy Mountain Bike Race was going to be held in

            Speaking of Istanbul, it is a city having a population of almost a big
country with its 15.000.000 population. We will talk about this at the end.
Lets give some details about the race;

_____Turkish Cycling Federation plans to
organize 16 mountain bike races for this year. 5 of these are Class-1,
others are Class-2 and Polonezkoy Mountain Bike Race was 2nd of these Class-1

_____Having steep uphills and fast
downhills, the race was held in an ideal weather for cyclists in its unique
natural course. Race started for +30 Master Men (4 laps), +40 Master Men (3 laps), Cadet Men (4 laps) and Junior Men (4 laps) on Sunday at

_____The remarkable U23, Elite Men and
Elite Women races started at 1:00pm with 3 minute delay between each
category. Start point was the narrow street in front of military police
station and cyclists lined up by 6 at the start point. Right after the
start, cyclists tried to place in the front, since the race course was
really narrow. But however many mighty cyclist had hard time because of the
narrow start and course. Entering the single-track part of the course in the
first line (which was also right beside Adampol 4X Race Course) was quite
important for all of the cyclists. But this 6 lined start caused many
cyclists’ having hard time about placing in the front.

_____The struggle of entering to the
course as the first was seen among the favourites of the race as expected.
First names who entered the off-road part were Marek Galinski, Hungrain
Szilard Buruczki, Polish Kornel Osicki and Hungarian National Champion
Andras Parti dominated the race as the four in the first lap. Turkish
National Champion Bilal Akgul (Brisaspor) passed the finish line in the
first lap as the 9th.

_____We first realized David Rosa in

Portuguese National Championship jersey in the first lap and as Cyclingtr we
were impressed by this cyclist’s ambition and technique who was in the 114th
place in UCI rank list.  Another strong and talented cyclist, Hungarian
Andras Parti (also we’ve been knowing him from International Manisa Mountain
Bike Race) who was in the 40th place in UCI rank list, went on racing in his
pace as expected. One of the strongest mountain bikers of Poland Marek
Galinski continously tried to keep Andras Parti under control but Parti
showed his proven success and finished the race at 1:19:40.

Polish racer Marek Galinski came 2nd at 01:21:05 and Portuguese National
Champion David Rosa came 3rd at 01:21:43.

_____The name of best timing among
Turkish cyclists in Elite Men category was Bilal Akgul (Brisaspor) who came 13th at

_____Right from the beginning of Elite

Women race which started at 1:00pm, the big difference was obvious between
advanced level and amateur cyclists. Right after the start, as in the Elite
Men’s start, same struggle of entering first to the single track part
happened between women cyclists. One of the ahead cyclists entering towas
successful lady rider Semra Yetiş (Istanbulspor). Our national champion Esra
Kürkçü (Brisaspor) was chary as always and arrived the single track downhill
section in a calm mood. In the very beginning of the first lap the favorite
names showed their performance and Asa Erlandsson from Sweden National Team
came first at 01:12:02. Ann Berglund came after her at 01:15:01. Hungarian
Eszter Dosa (whom we know from Manisa
Mtb Race
) came 3rd at 01:19:29. One of the Turkish cyclists our national
champion Esra Kürkçü came 6th at 01:23:48 and our previous champion Semra
Yetiş came 8th at 01:30:23. Another successful cyclist Asuman Burcu Balcı
arrived the finish line right after Semra Yetiş and came 9th at 01:32:17.
All the women riders after Balcı were lapped.

_____Cadet Men’s winner was Duran Akbaş
came at 01:19:59, Ilhan Erdinç Türkyılmaz came 2nd at 01:22:44 and Yunus
Emre Yılmaz came 3rd at 01:23:06.

_____In +30 Master Men category who
finished 4 laps, Muammer Yıldız came first at 01:08:23, Bora Tirki followed
him with 01:13:00 and Oğuz Özçelik came 3rd at 01:13:59.

_____In +40 Master Men category who did
3 laps, M.Kemal Merkit came 1st at 01:12:27, Oğuz Çevik came 2nd at 01:12:33
and Ali Yılmaz came 3rd at 01:16:08.

_____If we talk about the general view
of the race, in Class-1 races being held around the world, we dont know
there is another example of a start including both U23, and Elite Men and
Elite Women category and this was a major mistake done to the pro bikers who
were competing for the podium.

_____In the 4.5 km long course, although
the weather was quite convenient for the bikers in the race day, because of
the previous day’s rain, the ground has become muddy and since the riders
pass over this muddy ground many times it became more sticky and the riders
who chose the correct tire for this course changed this situation to an
opportunity. We can say that the tough part of the race showed itself from
this part to the amateur cyclists who had inadequate components.

_____Another wrong side of the race was
the start point. It was ineligible to have 6 rider in each line at the
narrow start. There could be a start loop passing through a place that could
make the start better for a race which was being held for the 5th time.

_____We think that these kinds of
problems are important (which may seem simple) in the international races
those both advanced level cyclists and national champions participate, also
important UCI points and money awards given. Yeah, it seems nice to show the
abundant participants but letting the cyclists who have this big difference
in both technique and experience race in a course like this is a serious

_____It became impossible for almost
many rider to reach the favorite names ahead, since it was much more
difficult to pass over an obstacle than to pass many lapped amateur cyclists
who werent letting the better cyclists pass them in the course.

_____It wont be easy anymore for our
racers who target UCI points and money awards from the 11 UCI international
race will be held this year, since many advanced level rider will
participate in these 11 international mtb races. If we dont focus on both
our athletes and the basis for the future, it will become a dream to get UCI
points and money awards from those races.

Elite-B Men category which had been in the previous years, closed
since it wasnt eligible for UCI race rules. It lead the more racers
participate in Elite Men category. Although closing the Elite-B Men category
was correct, we have been observing that the number of Turkish women
cyclists are still as the number of our fingers. And also lack of +30 and
+40 participants is not something good.

_____If we talk about the answer the
question we asked in the beginning of our article; Yes, we watched a nice
served race. But was the pre-advertisements done for this race? Was the
Turkish well-known websites like Cyclingtr, Mtbtr those have been supporting
cycling sport supported for this race? Was a professional road map drawn
about the race? Unfortunately we couldnt witness any of these one more time.
Lets ask; Hom many cycling fan from Istanbul? While 1500 people were
watching the Artvin
Mtb Race
, there wasnt more than a number of our fingers in a race being
held for the 5th time in Istanbul.

_____We had interviews with many
favorite racer at the end of the race. You’ll be able to reach the pages
related with these interviews in the following days.

_____Please click the link for the race
results. Download


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