A Glorious Final for the Salcano Cappadocia Bike Festival; Periklis Ilias and Eszter Dosa Dominated Göreme MTB Race

30/08/2011  //     //  Dağ Bisikleti DH ve FR


Cappadocia MTB Races, which’s named as Cappadocia Bike Festival for the last two years, are being held for the 12th time this year. With Salcano as the title sponsor, Salcano Cappadocia Bike Festival’s 4th and last foot, Göreme MTB Race (C1) was held with 139 riders from 12 countries. Salcano Göreme MTB Race Elite Men category was ruled by Greek Periklis Ilias. (01:32:32) Portugese National Champion David Rosa got the second place with 01:33:00 and followed by Brazilian Henrique Avacini from ISD with 01:36:05. Elite Women victory was won by Hungarian Eszter Dosa (01:45:05) as our strong rider Semra Yetiş followed her with 01:47:46 as the second and Jovana Crnogorac from Serbia with 01:48:04 as the third.  Since 2010 and the inclusion of the 2007 European Championship course to the Ürgüp races, we witness the increase of the foreign participants’ attendance to this race, as it’s also one of our riders’ beloved courses. We know that all 15 of the International races with UCI points that’s being held in our country are constantly being monitored by the top riders who aim to gain UCI points. As about this expectation of ours, this race we had participants from Hungary, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil, Greece, South Cyprus, Iran, Israel, Switzerland and Russia. 54 of the overall Elite racers’ 20 men and 5 women were from those foreign countries.     Our federation has been pushing its limits for 2 years to collect UCI points and be able to

send riders to the Olympics. Especially for this race, the expectations were high from our national mtb team riders about this issue. In order to achieve this goal, our national mtb team had been training for 14 days  with the new Dutch trainer that signed with the federation. During the interview with the Dutch trainer and the Deputy Chief of the Turkish Cycling Federation Abdurrahman Açıkalın, they stated that they were pleased with the results, the national team was going well, they had the right plans, projects and riders in order to achieve the desired goal. This year we gladly witness the projects are handled by the teams and the federation with success in order to raise world-class mtb riders from our country. Nevertheless, it was a bit contradictory, maybe with the effect of the Ramadan, 20 of the 44 Elite Men  and the 5 of the 10 Elite Women were foreign riders at the race. Some of our Elite riders’ and even if being a UCI team, Ankaragücü Spor’s absence as a team because of the transfers at the team’s management positions was also disappointing. Cappadocia is becoming a brand and a centre for the mtb in Turkey and also in the world. For the last two years with Argeus Tourism & Travel Agency’s leadership and this year Salcano as the title sponsor, the races within the Cappadocia Bike Festival have been held with great success with the support of the Cycling Federation. With the increasing support of Salcano, Göreme MTB Race which had been quite disappointing in 2009, almost had a glory of a bike festival by itself. We can say that the increase of the local administration’s attention was one of the results of this professional practice. During our interview with Tour of Turkey’s successful organizator Aydın Ayhan Güny, we learnt that innovations are on the way for the oncoming Cappadocia Bike Festival. A whole week of concerts, exhibitions, social events besides 3 days of mtb races, one day of a road bike race and a bike tour for cycling fans is on the way for the 2012 bike festival.  Coming back to the race report; Riders struggled with 6 kilometers of laps, 233 meters of climbings, each other and the challenging unique nature of Cappadocia itself under burning hot weather conditions. Junior Women (3 laps), Master 30+ (3 laps), Cadet Women (2 laps), after a proper categorization of the cadets this year; Cadets U17 (2 laps) and Cadets u15 (2 laps) started at 10:00am. Junior Women was won by Songül Çolakoğlu with 01:21:12. Master 30+ victory was won by Oğuz Özçelik (01:09:13) as Bora Tirki followed him with 01:13:01 as the second and Cem Anamurlu (01:23:30) as the third. Cadet Women’s victory went to Mesude Şenol with 01:05:06, followed by Ayşe Çakır (01:06:15) as the 2nd and Büşra Önder with 01:12:04 as the 3rd.  Cadets U17 was won by İlhan Erdinç Türkılmaz (00:48:32) and Onur Balkan (00:49:51) and Duran Akbaş (00:50:11) as the second and the third. Cadets U15’s winner was Emre Çeviker with 00:50:43 and was followed by Mustafa Köklü as the second with 00:50:59 and Mustafa Güner (00:55:10) as the third. The 30+ Master races had been quite competitive since the beginning of the season but with the absence of Nevzat Kıral and Turgay Germen at the morning races, this category’s victory was easily won by Oğuz Özçelik, one of the strongers riders of Master 30+. Beginning from the first lap Özçelik slammed Bora Tirki by 30 seconds and as he gained more pace, the distance increased up to 4 minutes at the end of the race. As Rize Gençlik Spor’s podium achievements increased, we learnt that the successful rider will be racing Elite the next year. Especially at the Cadet category, the success of Alanya Belediyesi and Aldosk Spor Kulübü riders shows that Alanya had made serious investments for the mtb. Besides we also gladly witness that Bursa and Rize emphasis on their infrastructure in order to raise national team riders for the future. These teams’ hard work were rewarded at this race with success. It’s also hopeful to witness Ürgüp Spor Kulübü has similar projects for the future as well.


Click to enlarge.Elite Men (5 laps), Elite Women (4 laps) and Junior Men (3 laps) races started at 01:00pm. Junior men victory was won by Ömer Faruk Kansız with 01:06:22 and Agit Salman (01:09:11) and Mahmut Sert (01:11:32) followed him as the 2nd and the 3rd. Rize Gençlik Spor Kulübü rider Kansız had a great performans,  slammed his strong opponents with 3 minutes and rushed to victory. Elite Men race was dominated by Greek rider Periklis Ilias. (01:32:32) Portugal National Champion David Rosa (01:33:00) followed him as the second and Brazilian Henrique Avacini from ISD team got the third place with 01:36:05.  The rumors about the participation of Hungary Champion Andreas Parti who had won the Polonezköy MTB race and the strong rider from Poland, Marek Galinsky failed. Nevertheless the tension remained with the attendance of top riders from Russia, Hungary, Southern Cyprus, Brazil and Serbia. The tough challenge for the points began for the top riders with the start. The race of 5 laps was dominated by the winner of 2009, the Greek Champion Periklis Ilias from the beginning and he claimed the victory till the end. Being one of our favorite riders who became third at the Polonezköy race, Portugal National Champion David Rosa tried to catch up with Ilias for a couple of times but because of the injury of his wrist, he lost the battle especially at the technical descends and had to be contented with the second place and went back home with 40 UCI points. Brazilian Henrique Avacini from ISD who got the third place struggled to keep up with these two but because of a crash, he lost time and could only maintain his third place. Bilal Akgül finished as the 6th and became the sole Turkish rider to achieve to get into the top 10 and he beat Vasilis, last year’s champion of Göreme as a revenge.

 Hamza Kansız got the victory of the U23 with 01:45:11 and also achieved to be the 2nd best rider among the Turkish, slamming strong riders and proved that he’s in good shape.

Elite Women was dominated by Hungarian Eszter Dosa (01:45:04) as our successful rider Semra Yetiş got the second place with 01:47:46 and Jovana Crnogorac from Serbia (01:48:04) finished as the third.


From the start of the Elite Women race, the rider whom we met first in Manisa in 2010, the second strongest rider of Hungary Eszter Dosa dominated the race and claimed the victory. During our interview before the race she told us that she wasn’t good enough at the technical descents, nevertheless she had never gave up on a race because of that, the technical descents at this race would be tough for her but she was here for the podium. She achieved that goal of hers at the end and went back to her country with worthy points and victory.The Turkish National Champion of 2009 Semra Yetiş performed quite well, increased her pace during the 2nd lap, made us all proud and got the 2nd place. Serbian Jovana Crnogorac fought for the second place but couldn’t catch up with Semra and had to be contented with the third place. Crnogorac enjoys racing in our country and joins most of the races in Turkey with the sponsorship of Salcano. We heard a speculation about her that she’ll attend the races as a Turkish riders.   Ronen Inbar from Israel whom we got used to see after Alanya in 2009 and Polonezköy in 2010 got the fifth place. Our Turkish National Champion Esra Kürkçü finished the 6th with 02:00:25.




Manisa MTB Race (UCI Class-1) will be held in 9th of September which international participation is highly expected.Visit this page again for the videos and the photos of the race.

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