Ziga Pandur Takes His First Victory On Shamphala Open Cup

01/05/2012  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme ), Turlar ve Organizasyonlar



22-years old Slovenian Žiga Pandur today took his first ever victory – and not just on
any race, but on UCI Class I with strong international competition. Lucky place for
Unior Tools Team rider was Shambhala Open downhill near Sopot in Bolgaria. Second
and third place went to UK riders Sam Dale and Adam Bryton.


Photo credits: Grega Stopar / Unior Tools Team


“I had no doubt in my head, I was just flying on my bike,” said Žiga Pandur right after
last rider came down the hill and could not beat Žiga’s fastest time of the day. Žiga
was feeling strong a week ago on the iXS European Cup event in Monte Tamaro but
after the unfortunate qualifications the finals were cancelled. “I wanted to keep that
good feeling and top racing form that I had in Switzerland, so this race had perfect
timing. The trip down here was worth it. I won for the first time in my career and this
is only thing that matters right now,” said Žiga with big smile on his face. Žiga is no
stranger to podium but the top spot somehow always got away from him. Not on
this Sunday though!


Photo credits: Grega Stopar / Unior Tools Team


The race in Shambhala bike park near Sopot in Bolgaria is ranked UCI Class I, so it got
the attention of very strong international competition. UK riders were the favorites
with some pro riders and young talents but even the fastest qualifier Sam Dale could
not beat Žiga’s final time of 4:17,30. Žiga just had too much fun!



Photo credits: Grega Stopar / Unior Tools Team


“Course over here
is rocky but good for riding and I liked it from the first minute. And to take a win in
such a strong competition is even sweeter. Now I have a result that proves how fast I
ride and now I have to transfer this also into the World Cups and other events.”

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