Where We Stayed – Evrim and Elif Yiğit Tour Journals, April 7, 2012

23/05/2012  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme ), Turlar ve Organizasyonlar



Even if we stayed in the hotels at first, we prefered to camp lately. During our last days in Thailand, we stayed in an hotel for just 2 days during 2 weeks. The rest was all camping. If I may make a list of the best camping places, here’s my personal list:



1. Thermal Springs



You may guess how a pleasant camping zone it’ll be as you have a look at the photo above. In addition imagine your body relaxing in the hot water after a long bike ride. You cannot find a better place for a deep sleep.



2. Temples



If you’d like to get involved in the traditional Buddhist life, temples are one of the best places for lodging. You have the chance to observe a big part of the calm lifestyle here. However it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s a religious place and to be respectful at some point.



3. National Parks



There are securities in national parks during midnight and they’ll always help you if you need anything. Shower, hot water and food can generally be found. For the ones who want to wake up among bird sounds.



4. Police Stations



I guess you cannot find a safer place, at least in Thailand. Here, police stations all have a wide garden. You just have to ask. If they don’t have a garden or they think that it’ll rain at night, they’ll arrange an enclosed area for you. There’s definitely a shower and hot water. If you come here, I recommend you to camp in police stations. Of course I must emphasize that it’ll only be safe in Thailand.















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