Tour of Turkey 4th Stage: Andre Greipel Sprinted to Victory

24/04/2013  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme )

Tour of Turkey 4th Stage: Göcek – Marmaris (147.0





The Tour’s 4th stage ended up with a bunched sprint finish as expected.
Andre Greipel (aka Gorilla) of Lotto-Belisol, who didn’t drop
behind the crowded pack ahead at the challenging climbs before arriving in
Marmaris, outmatched everyone and crossed the finish line at the first place arms
wide open. While the second place was taken by Nikias Arndt of
, Moreno Hofland of Blanco Team that lacks
two world-famous sprinters at the 2nd stage, won the third place.


Mustafa Sayar, who did a great job in yesterday’s stage by
winning the 3rd place, contended with the sprinters although he’s a climber and
crossed the finish line at the 11th place. Owing to this performance, Mustafa,
once again, showed everyone how good he was prepared for the Tour while he kept
the 3rd place in GC.


After the race he commented: ” We controlled the peloton very well. Especially
De La Fuente was a great helper. We had to act carefully to restrain the riders
who could have attacked for the general classification and prevent them from
getting ahead of me with their points.”


After the stage, Natnael Berhane is still the GC leader while
the runner-up is 10 second behind him..



What happened at the 4th stage?

The 4th stage of the Tour started from Göcek Marina at
12:52. Because of the accident which happened at the 2nd stage and yesterday’s
challenging course, only 183 riders instead of 193 participated in the
race today
. The first breakaway came in the early moments of the stage as
happened since the beginning of the Tour. But today’s escape group is quite
crowded. The 13 escapees were; Hepburn (OGE), Ignatiev and Kristkiy
(KAT), Maes and Rabon (OPQ), Kurek and Mihaylov (CCC), Sijmens (COF), Arango
(COL), Delaplace (SOJ), De Negri (VIN), Dion (BSE) and Ukranian Serguei
Grechyn (TRK)
who was in the leader pack for a long time yesterday.
After the 20 kms of mileage left behind, the gap between the escapees and the
chasing group including the Turquoise Jersey wearer Natnael Berhane, increased to



After km 40, the gap reached 2’30”. The
escapees started to get ready for the attack while they approached the one and
only King of the Mountains Primes at the 50th km of the stage. Grechyn, who kept
showing the same performance as yesterday, he passed this point at the second
place and with the 3 points he got, he brought the Red Jersey of the King of the
Mountains back to Torku Şeker Spor.



The first 3 names to reach the KOM Primes

1. Pierpaolo de Negri (Vini Fantini-Selle Italia)

2. Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker Spor)

3. Anthony Delaplace (Sojasun)


While the gap kept increasing, just at that moment an accident
happened in the main pack. Fumiyuki Beppu (Orica GreenEdge), Jay McCarthy
(Saxo Tınkoff), Olivier Kaisen (Lotto Belisol), Manuel Cardoso (Caja Rural) and
Clement Koretzky (Bretagne – Séché)
were the riders who
fell. After the accident,  Olivier Kaisen and Clement Koretzky were taken to
the hospital for a check-up.


During the descent, the gap between the escape group and the peloton dropped
down to 1’35”. At km 62, Katusha’s Russian
Mikhail Ignatiev won this stage’s Turkish Beauties Primes, which means he managed
to take the White Jersey back from our national cyclist Ahmet Örken.



The first 3 ranking for the Turkish Beauties Primes at 62

1. Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha)

2. Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker Spor)

3. Michael Hepburn (Orica GreenEdge)


After the Turkish Beauties Prime, Kritskiy (KAT) and Kurek (CCC)
dropped behind the escape pack. Colombia and Europcar kept cycling ahead
of the peloton in order to decrease the gap and with 65 kms to go, they managed to
pull it back to 1’17”. Then, the most contending name of today’s stage,
Mikhail Ignatiev, started his solo attack.  After that,
French cyclists Anthony Delaplace ve Renaud Dion attacked and started to approach
Ignatiev, who saw their approach and waited for them.



Then Hansen joined these 3 as well and they formed a group of 4. But this
escape was not successful and they had to join back to the other escapees.
50 kms to go, this time it was Delaplace‘s turn
to solo attack. Just after him, Ignatiev attacked as well and caught up with



When they reached the last 32 kms, Ignatiev and
opened the gap with the peloton up to 1’10”
while the gap between the pleoton and the second escape group was 40 seconds.
Meanwhile, Gerald Ciolek, the most important sprinter of MTN – Qhubeka, joined the
second escape group.



While approaching the Sprint Primes at km 116, Mikhail
Ignatiev started an attack again, outpaced Delaplace and became the first to pass
the intermediate sprint. Serguei Grechyn, who was among the
second group of escapees, attacked as well and became the third.


The first 3 riders who passed from the intermediate sprint at km 116

1. Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha)

2. Anthony Delaplace (Sojasun)

3. Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker Spor)


After this point, Ignatiev continued his lead and increased the gap with the
peloton to 1’26” with 26 kms to go. At those
moments, the rest of the escapees joined the peloton as well. Delaplace, who
couldn’t respond Ignatiev’s attack, and Grechyn, who was the third to pass the
prime point, kept pedalling just ahead of the peloton.


With 24 kms to go, the gap was still the same while Grechyn
and Delaplace joined the peloton that was led by Colombia until the ascent where
Delaplace dropped back from the peloton. At the last 20 kms,
where the course had ups and downs, the gap between Ignatiev and the peloton
decreased even more and all the riders joined the peloton.


18 kms to go to the finish line, came a new attack led by our national cyclist
Miraç Kal. At the last 13 kms, the gap between the peloton
and the escape group of 7 including Miraç Kal and Timmy
increased to 12 seconds. But the peloton didn’t let the gap
increase more, so 12 km to go, this attempt became ineffective. At the climb at
the last 10 kms, Gerald Ciolek ve Marcel Kittel, who were likely to content for
the sprint finish, dropped behind the peloton’s tempo and set a slower pace at the



Meanwhile, a new breakaway came from 3 riders. Just after them, first Mustafa
Sayar of Torku Şeker Spor attacked and then another climber of the team, David De
la Feunte, attacked as well, and they caught up with the 3 ahead. Then the peloton
paced up too, not to let the escapees increase the gap.


6 kms to go, the long descent started and the general
classification runner-up Kevin Seeldrayers forged ahead, while
Torku’s climber David De la Feunte followed him closely. The
crowded group, where Mustafa Sayar and Andre Greipel were among, kept chasing them
at close range.


3 kms to go, the cyclists came to Marmaris. The sprinters like
Pozzato and Greipel started to struggle to seize a place ahead
of the peloton at the last 2 kms. Mustafa Sayar, who was an
unexpected name to see at the sprint finish since he’s a climber, began to contend
with the sprinters. The real struggle for the sprint competition started with 500
metres to go and Andre Greipel, who won 7 stages of the Tour of Turkey in the
previous years, flew to his 1st stage victory at this year’s Tour.



49. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 4th Stage


King Primes ( 50.2 km –


1.  Pier Paolo De Negri (Vini Fantini-Selle Italia) 5 pts
2. Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker) 3 pts
3. Anthony Delaplace (Sojasun) 2 pts
4. Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha) 1 pt



Beauty Prime ( 62.2 km
– Ortaca )

1.  Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha) 5 pts
2. Michael Hepburn (Orica GreenEdge) 3 pts
3. Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker) 1 pt


Sprint Primes (
116.3 km – Gökova )

1.  Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha) 5 pts
2. Anthony Delaplace (Sojasun) 3 pts
3. Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker) 1 pt



Natnael Berhane
(Torku Şeker Spor)  

: Andre
 Greipel (Lotto-Belisol)

Turkish Beauties
Mikhail Ignatiev (Katusha)



Stage Classificiation

1 41 GREIPEL André LTB GER B:10″ 00″

2 72 ARNDT Nikias ARG GER B:06″ ‘ ‘

3 15 HOFLAND Moreno BLA NED B:04″ ‘ ‘

4 34 POZZATO Filippo LAM ITA ‘ ‘

5 52 GOLAS Michal OPQ POL ‘ ‘

6 126 LASCA Francesco CJR ITA ‘ ‘

7 117 LEQUATRE Geoffroy BSE FRA ‘ ‘

8 143 EDET Nicolas COF FRA ‘ ‘

9 183 HIVERT Jonathan SOJ FRA ‘ ‘

10 55 PAUWELS Serge OPQ BEL ‘ ‘

11 248 SAYAR Mustafa TRK TUR ‘ ‘

12 118 MALACARNE Gaël BSE FRA ‘ ‘

13 73 BARGUIL Warren ARG FRA ‘ ‘

14 146 MOLARD Rudy COF FRA ‘ ‘

15 215 MEGIAS LEAL Javier TNN ESP ‘ ‘

16 125 FERRARI Fabricio CJR URU ‘ ‘

17 177 VENTER Jacobus MTN RSA ‘ ‘

18 197 THURAU Bjorn EUC GER ‘ ‘

19 102 COLBRELLI Sonny BAR ITA P:20″ ‘ ‘

20 5 KASHECHKIN Andrey AST KAZ ‘ ‘

21 121 ANDONOV PETROV Danail CJR BUL ‘ ‘

22 236 MAZZANTI Luca VIN ITA ‘ ‘

23 222 DE MAAR Marc UHC AHO ‘ ‘

24 185 MEDEREL Maxime SOJ FRA ‘ ‘

25 22 BELKOV Maxim KAT RUS ‘ ‘


27 141 BAGOT Yoann COF FRA ‘ ‘

28 181 FEILLU Brice SOJ FRA ‘ ‘

29 61 MEYER Cameron OGE AUS ‘ ‘

30 152 ATAPUMA Darwin COL COL ‘ ‘

31 235 FINETTO Mauro VIN ITA ‘ ‘

32 111 GUILLOU Florian BSE FRA ‘ ‘


34 191 BERHANE Natnael EUC ERI ‘ ‘


36 155 CHALAPUD Robinson EduardoCOL COL ‘ ‘

37 107 PAGANI Angelo BAR ITA ‘ ‘

38 241 MIZOUROV Andrey TRK KAZ ‘ ‘

39 43 DOCKX Gert LTB BEL 12″

40 78 TIMMER Albert ARG NED 14″




General Classification Top-20:

1 191 BERHANE Natnael EUC ERI 14h27’14” 00″

2 6 SEELDRAYERS Kevin AST BEL 14h27’24” 10″

3 248 SAYAR Mustafa TRK TUR 14h27’26” 12″

4 185 MEDEREL Maxime SOJ FRA 14h27’40” 26″

5 88 SUTHERLAND Rory TST AUS 14h27’48” 34″

6 141 BAGOT Yoann COF FRA ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

7 61 MEYER Cameron OGE AUS ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

8 111 GUILLOU Florian BSE FRA 14h27’52” 38″

9 152 ATAPUMA Darwin COL COL 14h27’54” 40″

10 143 EDET Nicolas COF FRA 14h27’57” 43″

11 121 ANDONOV PETROV DanailCJR BUL 14h28’01” 47″

12 204 PIMANTA COSTA MENDES José Joao TNE POR 14h28’03” 49″

13 107 PAGANI Angelo BAR ITA 14h28’07” 53″

14 125 FERRARI Fabricio CJR URU 14h28’20” 01’06”

15 55 PAUWELS Serge OPQ BEL 14h28’26” 01’12”

16 5 KASHECHKIN Andrey AST KAZ 14h28’27” 01’13”

17 236 MAZZANTI Luca VIN ITA 14h28’34” 01’20”

18 181 FEILLU Brice SOJ FRA ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

19 73 BARGUIL Warren ARG FRA 14h28’39” 01’25”

20 222 DE MAAR Marc UHC AHO 14h28’50” 01’36”



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