Tour of Marmara : 1st Stage Victory Belongs to Marek Canecky – Manisaspor

09/09/2011  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme )



First stage of the 2nd Tour of Marmara, 102 kilometers between Şile and Kefken was held.  The winner of the stage was Manisaspor’s strong rider Marek Canecky. Slovakian athlete completed the stage in 02:36:57 and rushed to victory among 57 riders with a group finish of 11. Gökhan Hasta from Brisaspor came the second as Hasanın Omar from Syria National Team followed him as the third. At the end of the day the Yellow Jersey went to Marek Canecky, the Green (sprint) Jersey was won by Hasanın Omar from Syria and the Red (king of the mountains) Jersey belongs to Nazım Bakırcı from Brisaspor who successfully improved his performance lately.



As opposed to the previous year, weather was quite nice and sunny  during the start with 57 riders from 8 teams.




The teams attended the Tour of Marmara consisted of our Continental Teams Konya Torku Şekerspor Vivelo, Manisaspor, our national team BrisaSpor, the recently combined Federation Mix Team, Norway National Team whom attended the tour for the first time, Syria National Team, Greece continental team World of Bike whom had won the Tour of Trakya with their German rider Keuser Andreas, and again a first time attendant Bahrain National Team.





As may be seen from the stage profile, the riders ascended 400-450m of height. The first 40 kilometers of the first stage of 102km may be pointed as a nightmare for the riders. Extremely narrow roads with technical hairpins and fast descends challenged the riders from the first kilometers.


With the start from Şile, attacks were highly expected but none could occur since the peloton strongly resisted the attackers. Every one of the serious attacks were stopped by the other assertive riders of the  peloton but the crash of Mert Mutlu, the winner of the Tour of Cappadocia from BrisaSpor, caused a distraction especially for the BrisaSpor riders. İsmail Aksoy originally from BrisaSpor but racing for the Federation Mix at this tour helped other BrisaSpor riders to bring Mert Mutlu to the peloton after his crash at the 10th km. Norway National Team had crashes as well and worked for each other to carry on the race after those drawbacks.


With the tough ascents, especially the narrow hairpins and fast descents, the stage became a challenging nightmare for the riders and all worked really hard to be able to keep on with the 2nd stage without losses.



Attacks from Syria National Team which we’re quite used to witness came beginning from the first kilometers. They seem well prepared for this tour thus we expect to see these riders at the sprint finishes and the attacks. Syria National Team riders were the first ones to pass the first sprint points at the 42,6th km in Ağva. Hasanın Omar, who held the green jersey the Green Jersey at the end of the stage and Khan Shaikhouni were the leading riders at that point as Ali Rıza Tanrıverdi from BrisaSpor got the remaining 1 point after them.



After the sprint gate, the part of narrow roads with sharp turns ended and the riders who could get support from the team vehicles started attacks. The first successful attack occured at the 54th km at the ascent from Nazım Bakırcı – BrisaSpor, Eyüp Karagöbek – Konya Torku and Jaser Nazır from Syria National Team and they slammed the peloton with 30s. At the 64th km, the struggle for the King of the Mountains Jersey was witnessed and with his attack at the last 100m, Nazım Bakırcı got the valuable 5 points making us all proud as Jaser Nazır and Eyüp Karagöbek followed him respectively.



As opposed to the expectations of attacks and no group finish, the attack group got caught after the 65th km by the peloton followed by a group descent.




After the 87th km attack attempts occured but none were allowed by the peloton and they entered the last kilometer with a group of 20-22, followed by a group of 10. With the descent at the entrance of Kefken, the leading group finished all together and Marek Canecky who worked for the Turkish riders during the whole stage, looked for Turkish riders around but as he couldn’t see any, he rushed with his great sprint and finished the stage with 02:36:57. As they worked for the Turkish riders to get the victory, we cannot say that Marek was completely satisfied with this win.




During the interview after the stage, the Deputy Chief Abdurrahman Açıkalın said, “I’m glad with the result. The guys did all they could’ve done. Today they rode a quite tough and technical stage, our boys was stressed because of this stage and their competitors who they were riding with for the first time. Four Turkish riders were in the leading group of 11 and it was quite important for the time advantage. I believe Turkish riders will be more outstanding at the 2nd stage tomorrow.”






Tomorrow, a tough 2nd stage awaits the riders. The stage of 126 kilometers will start from Kefken. At the 27th km a King of The Mountains gate will be passed. At the 35th km around Kaynarca Hasan Akgün Boulevard and the 75th km around Karasu, there will be 2 sprint gates.





2nd Stage:




Click here for the stage results. 

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