Tour of Iran 1st Stage – Elchin Asadov Wears the Leader Jersey

22/05/2013  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme )





The 128 km-long first stage of the 28th Iran Cycling Tour, which was between Tabriz – Maragheh, started at 10:00 am this morning and ended around 1:15 pm with the local time. At the last 300 meters of the stage, a group of riders took the wrong way because of the crowd around the course, and this caused uncertainty at the finish. According to the technical committee and the commisaires common decision, all the riders took the same points for the stage. The general classification rankings, on the other hand, were determined by the intermediate sprint and KOM points of the riders. With respect to this points, Elchin Asadov, who had completed the Tour d’Azerbaidjan as the Best Azerbaijani Rider, became the overall classification leader, while Ylber Sefa of Albania National Team took the second place and Saeid Navid Far became the third alongside his Best Asian Rider title.



The public at the start and finish areas, welcomed the riders with great enthusiasm. Especially Brisaspor, Tabriz Petrochemical and Azerbaijan Cycling Team, were very well supported. After 6 km-long neutral start which was taken from Rahan Square in Tabriz, Sefa Ylber (Albania National Team) and Elchin Asadov (Azerbaijan National Team) who broke away at 20 km, protected their positions until the end of the stage. At km 30, one of the riders from Albania National team fell and had to leave the race in an ambulance.



1st Intermediate Sprint – 39.7 km

1. Elchin Asadov (3 pts)

2. Ylber Sefa (2 pts)

3. Saeid Navid Far (1 pt)


KOM – 78.4 km (CAT3)

1. Elchin Asadov (6 pts)

2. Ylber Sefa (4 pts)

3. Vahid Ghaffari (2 pts)

4. Hamid Shiri (1 pt)


2nd Intermediate Sprint – 98.5 km

1. Elchin Asadov (3 puan)

2. Ylber Sefa (2 puan)

3. Marcel Kalz (1 puan)




The riders who were oriented to the wrong lane of the road at the last 3 kms, had to take the wrong way and make a U turn and reached the finish line from the opposite way. Meanwhile, a rider who already reached the finish line using the right way, crashed the public, media members and other riders. Although the official results had not come out from UCI yet, Elchin Asadov stepped on the podium and wore the Golden, Green and Polka Dot Jerseys, since he crossed all the intermediate sprints ahead of the others. After a while, the official result were given and according to these results, the jersey wearers at tomorrow’s 194 km-long stage which will be between Maragheh and Urmia will be as below:


Leader’s Jersey: Elchin Asadov (Azerbaijan National Team)

KOM Jersey: Vahid Ghaffari (AZT Tabriz Team)

Points Jersey: Ylber Sefa (Albania National Team)

Best Asian Rider’s Jersey: Saeid Navid Far (Monta Khab Ostanha Team)





As we interviewed Ali Rıza Tanrıverdi of Brisaspor after the stage, he mentioned that their competitors are quite strong and although the stage seems to be short and easy, there would be great struggles during the race.



General Classification after 1st Stage – Top 10:

1. ASADOV Elchin – Azerbaijan National

2. SEFA Ylber – Albania National

3. NAVID FAR Saeid – Monta Khab Ostanha

4. KALZ Marcel – Rudy Project

5. MIZBANI IRANAGH Ghader – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

6. SOHRABI Mehdi – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

7. SAFARZADEH Saeid – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

8. KOLAHDOZHAGH Amir – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

9. ASKARI Hossein – Tabriz Petrochemical Team

10. BANUSHI Besmir – Albania National




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