Torku Şeker Spor Made History with Mustafa Sayar at Tour of Turkey 6th Stage

26/04/2013  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme )





Tour of Turkey 6th Stage: Bodrum – Selçuk (Virgin Mary) – 182.0 km



Mustafa Sayar and Torku Şeker Spor keeps doing what couldn’t have been done so far!


At the marvellous climb competition of the 6th stage of Tour of Turkey, Mustafa Sayar, the tough climber of Torku Şeker Spor which is supported by the 54th big company in Turkey, made today a turning pointin Turkish cycling history with his success; he became the first rider to cross the finish line among cheers and applause 18 seconds before his closest rival and ahead of many well-known ProTour cyclists and an olimpiade champion like Cameron Meyer. After him, came Bagot and Edet both from the Cofidis Solutions Credits Team.


Thanks to this great success that, Torku Şeker Spor, whose technical director is Mehmet Şafakçı, and the successful rider of the team, Mustafa Sayar, may have taken a big step on the way to Torku Şeker’s becoming a ProTeam and opened the way for the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey to take place in the race calendar of the WorldTour. Nevertheless, as from the end of the Tour, Torku Şeker Spor will proceed fast on the way to become a ProTeam as well. Owing to this, it seems that strong teams like Brisaspor will also get more support and maybe it will be possible for the new clubs or sponsored teams to occur. Because the company Torku showed how much the sport of cycling is important; how much great success can be acquired when invested in the right sport, right people, right atlethes; and how good a company can advertise to all around the world via a race watched by 120 millions of people.


Under these circumstances, all the members of Torku Şeker Spor will work hard in the last 2 stages in order to carry and protect Mustafa, and Torku’s colours will appear in the screen quite much. This situation, indicates that, again, this important and huge investment of Torku’s will attract the attention of the other companies and Turkish sport of cycling will come to much better conditions as from this point.


Besides, Torku Şeker Spor’s keeping their 2nd place at the teams classification is another success that makes us more than proud.



And what about today’s stage? Here’s what happened during the race:


177 riders of 8 teams have started the 2nd longest and last decisive stage of the 49th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey from Bodrum at 10:46 today. Nico Sijmens (COF), who made the first attack yesterday, did the same today just after the start. But this he was caught by the pack right away.



There were no remarkable escapes despite the attack attempts at the firts 10 kms. While approaching the 18th km, the peloton splitted into two, but at km 18 they came back together.



The first successful breakaway came at km 26 and a group of 7 escapees, including the White Jersey wearer Ignatiev, occured. After a while, the number of escapees increased to 14, comprising Ignatiev (KAT), Pozzato (LAM), Trentin (OPQ), Timmer (ARG), Vanlandschoot (AJW), Coledan (BAR), Marycz (CCC), Venter (MTN), Delaplace (SOJ) Jarc (TNE), Ilesic (UHC), Keaugh (UHC) and De Negri (VIN).



The riders were very active since the beginning of the stage and when 30 kms were left behind the attempts kept continuing. Christian Delle Stelle (BAR) and Aldo Ino Ilesic (UHC) broke away and increased the gap with the chase group to 2’40”. At km 53, the gap between the chase group and the 2 escapees reached 8 minutes and then up to 9’50”. Meanwhile the peloton was led by Sojasun and Europcar.



When they came to km 73, the gap dropped down to 8’45”. At 86th km, when the Turkish Beauties Primes near Lake Bafa was being crossed, the gap dropped down to 7’30” and Delle Stelle became the first one to cross the primes point. However his points were still not enough to take the White Jersey from Ignatiev of Katusha.


The first 3 names to cross the Turkish Beauties Primes were:

1. Delle Stelle (BAR)

2. Ilesic (UHC)

3.Moreno Allue (CJR)



After this point, the 2 riders ahead kept escaping while they lowered the tempo so the gap dropped down to 6’25”, but then it started increasing again. Last 65 kms to go, Saxo-Tinkoff was leading the peloton and the gap reached 7’20”. However 60 kms to go Europcar, who was carrying Berhane, got the lead and the gap began to drop again. Meanwhile, the intermediate sprint was crossed and Delle Stelle was the first one to be there while Ilesic followed him as the second and 3rd place points went to Joeaar (COF).


So the first 3 of the Sprint Primes:

1. Delle Stelle (BAR)

2. Ilesic (UHC)

3. Joeaar  (COF)


The gap kept decreasing until the last 40 kms where it was 4 minutes. Astana, Colombia and especally Sojasun who was trying to carry Maxim Mederel set the pace, so 35 kms to go teh gap became 2’25”. Lotto-Belisol who is aware of the importance of this stage for the GC, was cycling to carry Greipel who was on the podium yesterday as well.



32 kms to go, while Astana, carrying Kevin Seeldrayers, was following the hard-working Sojasun, the gap dropped down to less than a minute and kept decreasing. 30 kms to go, Delle Stelle and Ilesic who had been escaping since the beginning of the stage, got caught by the peloton and they continued pedalling in a bunch.


24 kms to go, while ahead of the colourful peloton livened up, Bardiani Team, which was probably carrying Sacha Modolo, took the first spots. Colombia was ahead as well. Europcar was in the middle of the peloton, carrying the Turquoise Jersey wearer Berhane and Astana was working for Seldraayers. Torku Şeker Spor, who had not been around since the beginning, was working pretty well to carry Mustafa, who had done this climb before, to the finish.


20 kms to go, Peeters (CRE) solo-attacked and crossed the King of the Mountains primes at the first place.



So the first 3 crossing the KOM Primes were::

1. Peeters (CRE)

2. De La Place (SOJ)

3. Andriato (VIN)



These 3, left the peloton 15 seconds behind. Then another attack came from Caja rural, but the 3 didn’t let him go. Meanwjile at the back of the peloton, the GC leader Berhane had a flat tyre. 15 kms to the descent started and the peloton caught the escapees.



With 10 kms to go, they came to the road that will take them to Mother Mary’s house. At 8 kms to go they passed the U-turn and started their efforts to take good positions before the climb, watching out for each other. Vini Fantini was ahead of the peloton setting the pace while Astana and Caja Rural were ahead too.


7 kms to go, Cofidis was also trying to get themself in front. 6 kms to go, the demanding climb started while passing by the Ancient City of Ephesus. Turquoise Jersey wearer Berhane and Red Jersey wearer Grechyn of Torku were ahead.



5 kms to go,Greipel who’s not a climber in fact, took the lead and surprised everyone. Because of the climb, the back of the peloton started to split. Meanwhile, Torku Şeker’s Grechyn and Mustafa Sayar attacked ahead of he peloton. The contention was getting tougher when Grechyn took the lead, protecting Mustafa.



It was last 4 kms to go now, Berhane attacked and took the lead. rechyn stayed behind. The contention between climbers was towering. Then Pagani (BAR) and Edet (COF) attacked too. The excitement grew and it was obvious that this climb at the end of a long and almost flat course was tiresome for the riders.


2 kms to go Mustafa Sayar (TRK) and Edet (COF) were 13 seconds ahead of the peloton while the riders in the peloton were struggling to get in the front. Mustafa continued his attack until the gap between him and the peloton reached 25 seconds.  Edet (COF) and Pagot (COF) who broke away from the peloton, formed a second escape group 25 seconds behind Mustafa while the peoton was 44 seconds behind him.



At the last km, Mustafa’s supporters were waiting for him at the climb with Turkish flags in their hands and they ran along with him. There were 100 metres between the two Cofidis riders and Mustafa and Mustafa Sayar of Torku Şeker Spor was the first rider to cross the finish line with a solo attack, making history with the help of his team-mates, Grechyn and Nazım Bakırcı. 18 second after him Bagot of Cofidis crossed the line and 5 seconds later Edet followed his team-mate. Thus and so, Mustafa Sayar became the General Classification Leader and took the Turquoise Jersey from Berhane.





49. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 6th Stage Results:


Beauty Prime ( 86.2 km – Lake Bafa )

1.  DELLE STELLE Christian (BAR) 5 pts
2. ILESIC Aldo Ino (UHC) 3 pts
3. MORENO ALLUE Francisco Javier (CJR) 1 pt


Sprint Primes ( 123.8 km – Söke )

1.  DELLE STELLE Christian (BAR) 5 pts
2. ILESIC Aldo Ino (UHC) 3 pts
3. JOEAAR Gert (COF) 1 pt


King Primes ( 162.5 km – CAT 2 )


1.  ANDRIATO Rafael (VIN) 10 pts
2. BAKIRCI Nazim (TRK) 7 pts
3. MODOLO Sacha (BAR) 5 pts
4. FERRARI Fabricio (CJR)     3 pt



King Primes ( 182 km – House of Mother Mary )

1.  SAYAR Mustafa (TRK) 10 pts
2. BAGOT Yoann (COF) 7 pts
3. EDET Nicolas (COF) 5 pts
4. ANDONOV PETROV Danail (CJR) 3 pt
5. ATAPUMA Darwin (COL) 1 pt





Leader’s Jersey: Mustafa Sayar (Torku Şeker Spor)
Mountain Jersey:  Serguei Grechyn (Torku Şeker Spor)

Sprint JerseyAndre Greipel (Lotto Belisol)

Turkish Beauties JerseyMikhail Ignatiev (Katusha)




Stage Classificiation Top-40:

1 248 SAYAR Mustafa TRK TUR B:10″ 00″

2 141 BAGOT Yoann COF FRA B:06″ 18″

3 143 EDET Nicolas COF FRA B:04″ 23″


5 152 ATAPUMA Darwin COL COL 30″

6 183 HIVERT Jonathan SOJ FRA ‘ ‘

7 55 PAUWELS Serge OPQ BEL ‘ ‘

8 61 MEYER Cameron OGE AUS ‘ ‘

9 111 GUILLOU Florian BSE FRA 33″

10 222 DE MAAR Marc UHC AHO ‘ ‘

11 185 MEDEREL Maxime SOJ FRA ‘ ‘

12 191 BERHANE Natnael EUC ERI 43″

13 181 FEILLU Brice SOJ FRA ‘ ‘



16 215 MEGIAS LEAL Javier TNN ESP 51″


18 242 BAKIRCI Nazim TRK TUR 57″

19 236 MAZZANTI Luca VIN ITA 01’16”

20 107 PAGANI Angelo BAR ITA ‘ ‘

21 73 BARGUIL Warren ARG FRA ‘ ‘

22 176 VAN NIEKERK Dennis MTN RSA ‘ ‘

23 125 FERRARI Fabricio CJR URU 01’21”

24 245 KAL Mirac TRK TUR ‘ ‘

25 5 KASHECHKIN Andrey AST KAZ 01’27”


27 241 MIZOUROV Andrey TRK KAZ 01’38”

28 117 LEQUATRE Geoffroy BSE FRA ‘ ‘

29 102 COLBRELLI Sonny BAR ITA 01’43”

30 145 LEVARLET Guillaume COF FRA 01’47”

31 205 ROWSELL Erick TNE GBR ‘ ‘

32 21 PAOLINI Luca KAT ITA 01’53”

33 177 VENTER Jacobus MTN RSA ‘ ‘

34 87 PIRES Bruno TST POR 01’56”

35 233 DE NEGRI Pier Paolo VIN ITA ‘ ‘

36 22 BELKOV Maxim KAT RUS 02’13”

37 182 DELAPLACE Anthony SOJ FRA ‘ ‘

38 42 CORDEEL Sander LTB BEL ‘ ‘

39 95 VAN GOOLEN Jurgen AJW BEL 02’25”

40 136 MIHAYLOV Nikolay CCC BUL 02’31”




General Classification Top-20:

1 248 SAYAR Mustafa TRK TUR 23h49’24” 00″

2 191 BERHANE Natnael EUC ERI 23h50’05” 41″

3 141 BAGOT Yoann COF FRA 23h50’08” 44″

4 185 MEDEREL Maxime SOJ FRA 23h50’21” 57″

5 143 EDET Nicolas COF FRA 23h50’24” 01’00”

6 61 MEYER Cameron OGE AUS 23h50’26” 01’02”

7 152 ATAPUMA Darwin COL COL 23h50’32” 01’08”

8 111 GUILLOU Florian BSE FRA 23h50’33” 01’09”

9 121 ANDONOV PETROV DanailCJR BUL 23h50’37” 01’13”

10 88 SUTHERLAND Rory TST AUS 23h50’39” 01’15”

11 6 SEELDRAYERS Kevin AST BEL 23h50’59” 01’35”

12 204 PIMANTA COSTA MENDES José Joao TNE POR 23h51’00” 01’36”

13 55 PAUWELS Serge OPQ BEL 23h51’04” 01’40”

14 181 FEILLU Brice SOJ FRA 23h51’25” 02’01”

15 222 DE MAAR Marc UHC AHO 23h51’31” 02’07”

16 236 MAZZANTI Luca VIN ITA 23h51’58” 02’34”

17 5 KASHECHKIN Andrey AST KAZ 23h52’02” 02’38”

18 73 BARGUIL Warren ARG FRA 23h52’03” 02’39”

19 243 DE LA FUENTE RASILLA David TRK ESP 23h53’16” 03’52”

20 107 PAGANI Angelo BAR ITA 23h53’28” 04’04





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