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The 2011 adventure of 47th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey attracts the attention of the cycling fans and the press worldwide by the excitement  that it’s going to cause for 8 stages. Little time remains for the Cycling Tour of Turkey, for the people that are interested in every kinds of cycling and the cycling fans that keep expanding day by day in Turkey. The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is going to get started for the 47th time with its first stage by an intercontinental crossing on Saturday, 24th of April. After the stage of Istanbul, the Tour of Turkey of 8 stages will be completed through the coast lanes of Aegean and the beauties of Antalya-Alanya. As every year, the organization committee made innovations to always serve the better this year.


Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey that will reach to cycling fans from lots of countries via the broadband that reaches to huge masses which global press follow closely as well, is expected to be quite enthusiastic and have high public participation. Besides the foreign cyclists that compete with their colorful uniforms, it’s an honor for us that 2 Turkish Continental teams are going to attend to this event which happens only for 8 days a year. Konya Torku Seker Spor-Vivelo and Manisa Spor teams deserved to attend to the Cycling Tour of Turkey this year by getting their Continental licenses. Up to this year, because Turkey didn’t have a  team with UCI Continental license, our national team had been competing in the Cycling Tour of Turkey. At last, this year our own Turkish teams are going to get in the competition.


I wanted to mention the stages, beginning times, exact start points and award gates of Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. We’re going to attend the tour as well with our Cyclingtr press team. We’re going to cite the enthusiasm and the details of Cycling Tour of Turkey to you.






: The first stage is going to commence from Istanbul Sultan Ahmet Square at 9:30 and cease with the finish at Bagdat Avenue. The Cycling Tour of Turkey will deserve to be named as the first intercontinental bicycle race with this stage. During the Istanbul stage of the race, it definitely seems that by professional bicycle contestants going through the crowds, Bosporus Bridge and Bagdat Avenue will attract the public’s attention and appreciation.

Cyclists that are going to circuit for 8 rounds on the Caddebostan Sahil Boulevard before finish, after will enter Bagdat Avenue for the struggle to pass the finish line as the first and therefore will provide the excitement of competition to the crowd in Istanbul and the people that will watch them live from 123 countries.

On the 27,5th kilometer of the first stage which consists of a total sum of 141,1 kilometers, there’s a Sprint Awards Gate. As the first sprint award of this stage, which is at the point of Saskın Bakkal traffic lights seems like going to cause a pleasurable struggle scene for the Green Uniformed cyclists who aims to have the sprint score leadership. Because that the stage is plain, that it’s not forcible and as the short distance of it is considered, I don’t think that there will be any attacks. Probably, there will be a collective entrance to the first sprint gate and we’ll witness sprint attacks for point advantages. Other awards gate of the first stage is at the 68,5th km, while passing through the Bosporus Bridge. Beauties of Turkey awards of the Tour of Turkey will be given at the best touristic areas in order to draw attention to the beauties of Turkey. Even if there are numerous beauties in Istanbul as the first stage to place the Beauties of Turkey,  the Bosporus Bridge and the specialty of this race as being the first intercontinental race ever being highlighted is one of the successful choices of the organization.




: The second stage will get started from Kusadası at 11:35. By passing 178km, the finish point will be reached in Turgutreis. There are 3 awards gates in this stage. The first will be passed through as the Sprint Awards gate at Starbucks Coffee, 35,4 kilometers after the start point.



2nd awards gate will be the Beauties of Turkey Awards gate which will be passed through from the Bafa Lake at the 70th kilometer. The King of the Mountains award gate is placed at 144,4th kilometer with the Category 2 ascent.




:  3rd Stage will commence with the start point from Bodrum at 11:50. The stage of Bodrum-Marmaris of 166 kilometers is going to be a joyful stage to watch and will lock the cycling fans across their screens with the cyclists that are going to challenge with their descending techniques at Sakar descent.




As you can see from the stage profile, the 3rd stage exhilarates with its category content even before the Tour of Turkey. The first King of the Mountains award gate, which is one of the 2 ascent gates of this stage will commence with the ascending struggle for the ascent award points passing through the peak of Category 1 at 65.1st kilometer. The Sprint Awards gate will be stepped into by a descent and we’ll witness a struggle for the sprint awards. The profile of this stage is available for attacks and it’s much possible that the group that attacks at this stage will collect the award points. The last awards gate of will be passed through with the 2nd King of the Mountains Awards of the stage at the University of Muğla, through Mountain Awards gate after the Category 2 ascent at the 116th kilometer. The thrill of 166 kilometers will cease with the struggle at the plain finish point, after the descent at Marmaris.



:   4th Stage will start in front of Sabancı High School on the coast road of Atatürk Avenue in Marmaris at 10:35 on Wednesday, 27th of April. The offlicial start will commence after 2 kilometers in front of BP.




Award Gates; The Beauties of Turkey Awards gate is situated in Patara at the 70,2nd kilometer. After Yesilkoy, at the Category 2 ascent peak, the King of the Mountains Awards gate will be passed at 78,7th kilometer. At the 117th kilometer, the King of the Mountains gate will be passed through in front of Opet at the region of Agullu’s ascent gate’s peak, which happens to be quite steep after the 108th kilometer with its Category 1 ascent.




This stage was included to the Tour of Turkey 2010 as a tour stage in order to complicate the Cycling Tour of Turkey. With the challenging ascents of Sakar, and the familiar plain stages of previous years as required by its profile, this stage’s participation had colored up the Tour of Turkey. This year, the same route will be passed and the exhausting stage of 207 kilometers will conclude in Pamukkale. The award gates of the stage; After 36 kilometers from Marmaris start point, the challenge will take place at the first award point of the stage for the King of the Mountains awards. At the tough ascent peak of Sakar, at the 36th kilometer, the Mountain Ascent awards gate will be passed. At  the 123th kilometer, owing to the beauties of Afrodisyas, the Beauties of Turkey gate will be passed. At the 148th kilometer, the Sprint Gate will be passed at the plains of Tavas exit. The last award gate will be passed at 207th kilometer, at Pamukkale finish challenge. At the same time, The Beauties of Turkey Sprint Gate which is placed at Pamukkale finish will be passed with the finish point and the beauty of Pamukkale will be emphasized.




:  It will take start on Thursday, 28th of April at 10:10 from Denizli. Also as a challenging stage, it will conclude after cutting 218,6 kilometers at Fethiye. On 5th Stage, the highest point of the Cycling Tour of Turkey will be climbed up to 1600 meters.




The climbing that begins after 3 kilometers from the start point will be performed for 26 kilometers as 784 meters of Category 1 ascent till the King of the Mountains award point which is placed at the 29,1st kilometer in Kazıkbeli. The second award gate will be passed at the 92,6th kilometer at the plain in Yusufca. At the second ascent peak of Dimril Pass that begins from 110th kilometer, which is after the Dimrit bridge, the King of the Mountains award gate will be passed with Category 1 climbing at the 124,6th kilometer. The athletes that are going to climb 720 meters for 18 kilometers will need descent techniques during the challenging descent on the road to the finish in Fethiye. Being quite a strategic and technical stage, the 5th stage will be pleasant to watch.




: The athletes are going to take a representational start from Fethiye Municipality building on Friday, 29th of April, after 10 kilometers they are going to take the official start and challenge on the Finike road for 184 kilometers.



Award gates; At the 70,2nd kilometer, the Beauties of Turkey Awards gate is placed in Patara. After Yesilkoy, on the Category 2 ascent peak at the 78,7th kilometer, the King of the Mountains Awards gate will be passed. The King of the Mountains Awards gate that is placed at the Agullu region’s ( which has Category 1 ascent which is quite steep beginning from the 108th kilometer ) ascent gate’s peak at 117th kilometer will be passed.




: It will take start on Saturday, 30th of April at 12:50. The Tekirova-Manavgat stage, which is recently included to the Tour as one of this year’s innovations will reveal the beauties of Turkey to the whole world.





As opposing to the trickery of its profile, the 7th stage has a plain stage profile. If you may look carefully, the race profile height is documented between 0-70 meters of height. 2 kilometers after the representational start from Tekirova Municipal building corner, the racing track of 138 kilometers will take the official start at the intersection of Antalya-Kemer. The King of the Mountains Awards gate, as the first award gate, will be passed during the Category 2 ascent peak with the accompany of the beauty of Phaselis Ancient Town at the 4,2nd kilometer. The athletes that are going to proceed on the seaside lane till Antalya city center will also introduce the beauties of our coast lane with their television shoots. After the exit of Antalya city center, they will pass through the first Sprint Awards gate which is placed 400 meters after the Konyaaltı underpass at the 56,5th kilometer. The second Sprint Awards gate of the stage will be passed at 103,5th kilometer in Aspendos. And the last awards gate will be passed at the 138th kilometer, at the stage finish line. The Beauties of Turkey Awards gift comes from the Phaselis Ancient Town that’s included in the stage.




:  The 8th Stage, as the final stage will start representatively on 12:00 from Side Apollon Temple. With the official start after 4 kilometers, the final stage of the Cycling Tour of Turkey will get started. The final stage of 157,8 kilometers as a plain stage will conclude after 5 tours are completed in Alanya.






The first awards gate of the final stage is the Sprint Awards gate, to be passed at the 46,6th kilometer at the Konaklı plain. The area of 17,1 kilometers in Alanya will be circuited 4 times and to conclude the stage of 157,8 kilometers, the athletes will get to the finish with the completion of the 5th circuit. The Beauties of Turkey Awards will be given at the 127,5th kilometer during passing through the Alanya Castle..



Progressing with huge endeavors and improvements, the 47th of  the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey again was organized with lots of innovations and hard work. With its specialty as being the very first intercontinental race, with the involvement of the Tekirova-Manavgat stage in this year and with the detailed work done including the ground renovations made according to the UCI standards, I think that this is an excellent success for our country. The flawless work of the Tour of Cycling Organization Committee of Turkey whom prepared considering every single detail cannot be undervalued. We, as Cyclingtr and Turkish cycling fans congratulate the committee for their endeavor and hard work.


The attendance is again expected to be quite massive. The huge attention that we’ll witness during the start of Istanbul stage if will keep on in the other cities, besides the presentation of our country, will be the biggest proof of the cycling fans of Turkey’s power of mass for the audiences across their televisions as they certainly are going to semtinize the public’s attendance rate. We’ll be following the Tour in every city in order to get better and faster news for you. Our cycling fan friends who want to get detailed information during the race. Keep on following us.



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