Ranong, a Little Break

07/04/2012  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme ), Turlar ve Organizasyonlar



Greetings from Ranong, Thailand one more time,


After a long and tiring journey, we rewarded ourselves with a one day break in Ranong. This is not a very pleasant place. But after the non stop rain for three days, we decided to stay since we didn’t want to proceed any longer. Foreigners who want to extend their visas stay here to transport to Burma. Hence, there’s too much circulation and lodging options but during this period, it’s almost empty.


Today, we’ve been to the geyser with Elif. There were three pools called Father, Mother and Child. Only the Child pool was as cool to put your feet in and you can bear to touch the Mother pool with your heels for 1 or two seconds. The nice part of the Father pool was; I put a couple of green tea leaves into my bottle and brewed a bottle of tea for myself with the water from that pool and rested my feet in the Child pool as I drank it. I guess this brewed tea will give a hint about the temperature of the Father pool.


There were no tourists in some of the villages on our way. I guess our common preference with Elif is to settle in less degenerated places with less visitors. Somehow we can learn more about the people’s lives in such places. And for Elif, I guess it’s more pleasant to take pictures in these places.


In Cumphon, we incidentally met a couple of bikers. The first one spotted me walking with my Ortlieb bag and caught up with me to introduce himself. Afterwards we went to his hotel and met his wife. They gave us some useful instructions about Malaysia. I guess this’ll be very helpful for me. We met the other 4 cyclists in a bar called Falang, Cumphon’s most popular Bar-Guest House. After a short chat in the evening, we met them at the breakfast again. After chatting for half an hour, we all departed to Malaysia from our own ways. I hope theirs wasn’t as rainy as ours.


I feel much more comfortable since this is my second tour. This is not a comfort in means of experience. Somehow the stuff I brought with me to this tour, the weight of my bike and the daily distance I ride is inferior for me. The priorities are to have a better time, hang around in interesting places on the road and make up a better archive. Hence, this plenty of stuff I brought with me -I even have 3 books that can be considered big- doesn’t concern me much.


Our only discomfort is the rain, which resumed just now. We have to reach to Malaysia in a critical period, avoiding to let the tour become tiresome. We have a couple of options for this. Among these, our mostly desired option is to reach Malaysia by bike. One of others is to use a train or a bus to get through a part of the road. But Thailand has such a different geography that one cannot predict which road will be pleasant or which surprises are awaiting you. That’s why I don’t want to regret it -like I had to pedal here, what have I done- as I watch from the window of the train.


Malaysia people is told to be a little more rude. I don’t know how true this is but Malaysia is still a mystery for me and it’ll keep being that way for two weeks more.


Thank you for all your best wishes. I hope we can proceed our tour without any misfortunes and I can keep sharing it with you.

Best wishes,




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