Petchburi-Hua Hin-Prachuap Khiri Khan – Evrim and Elif Yiğit Tour Journals, September 27, 2011

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It’s time to cite the progress of the last couple of days to you. The three towns are respectively  the most remarkable ones of our Thailand tour among the towns we stayed in. I guess one who’d seen these towns would feel upset if they had to go back to Bangkok soon. The first one, Petchburi is 120km away from Bangkok, at the edge of a hill that can be seen even from a long distance, it has a river flowing in the middle of it and doesn’t have a shore to the sea. I suppose the hill at the beginning of the town is approximately 150-200m high and forms basis to the various temples on it. This hill and its whereabouts is a domicile for the monkeys which causes quite a different scene. The monkeys living here only gets away from the hill for at most a block or two and try to grab some stuff from the stores around.




I suppose monkeys and humans being this close to each other would amaze you




Here we stayed in a small guest house near the river, made by dark colored wood and where Latin music’s played in its lobby all the time. Even if it’s an old building, it seemed quite cosy. If you happen to come here one day, you must drink a beer in this hotel’s lobby at a table with a view of the river.



The view of the hotel


The second town Hua Hin seemed to have gotten quite touristy in time. We may call it the new Pattaya. There are pubs, menus for foreigners, hamburgers, Irish bars and of course pricing was also for tourists. I guess this was the town that I drew the most attention. A couple of people asked me if Elif was my girl friend. As they found out that she was my sister, I told them that I had a girl friend. Thanks to this, I could discard the intense attention. This was a resting place for us. We stayed here for two nights. We washed our clothes and we fulfilled our needs from a bike store nearby. I guess it’ll be better if I buy some spare parts for my bike from here before I return to Turkey. I found out that it’s not quite easy at all to find some things while I was browsing a couple of stores for the brake cables.



Hua Hin streets are quiet in the morning but it gets much more dynamic during the evenings



We’re staying in a place near Hilton and it’s just 10TL – per person of course. The hotel was built on wooden beams on the sea and it’s quite common for the Thailand architecture. Especially at the settlements near the ocean, they use the tides to their advantage and construct houses using stakes. I guess it’s easier to stabilize the base during the ebb tide. Toward the evening with the incoming tide the stakes will go under water for 1-2m and the following morning when the ebb tide occurs they’ll show up again. A similar practice can also be seen on the rivers. For some reason Thai people have liked to build houses along the river. I guess one of the reasons of this is to protect themselves from the bugs.



Hua Hin and the view of the hotel we stayed in…




And Hua Hin, the hotel we stayed in


I’d visited the last town Prachuap Khiri Khan before. Since my last visit 2 years ago, it’s not been degenerated much. Despite its natural beauties, still local habitants are living here and not much foreigners has discovered it yet. It’s formed by two crescent-shaped coves that are followed by 4-5 islands. Like Petchburi, there’s a hill at the intersection of the coves, grounding a base to a temple full of monkeys. I guess tomorrow we’ll have a chance to climb to the temple and take pictures of both two sides of the town. Until this town, Elif kept going on being bewitched by Kanchanaburi. For the first time I realized that she was eager for the next day in this town. We’ll take the pictures of this town which charms one even at the first sight tomorrow morning.


Our next target for the farther part is Cumphon. It’s the nearest transfer zone to Bangkok to go to the islands where plenty of parties take place.  People who want to rent boats to cross over to the islands usually come here for just a night. After Cumphon, we’re going to climb to the mountains towards the Myanmar border, to the west. This are is unfamiliar to me but I guess we’ll go up to an altitude of 500-600 at most with nice climbs for 300km then we’ll go to the well-known tourist’s zones of Thailand like Puket and Krabi.



Crab hatchlings



I guess that’s all I can say for now. Believe me, lots of things occur to me that I want to put into writing but I guess writing a journal during a bike trip is a little different experience. You cannot stop and take notes. You just have the chance to rethink your day through and write whatever occurs to you at that moment. And believe it, after a while it gets quite challenging -it may be because you move to a different place every day- to remember where you stayed previous night, on which roads you rode.


I guess after the tour is over, it’ll be a pleasure for me to read these journals. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.







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