Our Cycling Journey Between Kanchanaburi – Chom Bung – September 23, 2011

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Today we completed our first tour with our loaded bikes. I guess our pace wasn’t so bad but because of my long break and since this is Elif’s first tour experience, we got a little tired. We rode for approximately 80km under cloudy weather. Nevertheless -we arrived to our destination around 1:00pm- we got tan. Even with the lack of sun, the fact that we tanned that much and we’re going to pedal on the axis of equator under sun will require a little precaution.





Today we arrived in a small university town called Chom Bung near Rachaburi. It’s definitely not a tourist’s zone. But because the inhabitants are mostly young students, it’s quite a dynamic town. It’s possible to locate Guest Houses everywhere but they are being rented for at least a month. So we had to stay in a place that looked more like a dormitory than a hotel because of the students in uniforms and teachers passing by. It was included in the university building of the town and hosted the students or their parents temporarily. As a matter of fact, as the hotel we stayed in, the whole town resembles a vacation destination more than a university town; houses and student residences are all wooden bungalows and students study on the wooden porches till late midnight. With a little exaggeration we may resemble this to Olympos or the Valley of Butterflies (places in Turkey),  constructing a university there and reside the students to bungalows, the scene here is almost the same.


A sign we encountered on the road, I guess it belongs to a pig manufacture farm.



The weather here left its surprises to the  last one more time. It was cloudy when we started our ride around 7:00am but the clouds were revealing the blue sky time to time. As we got on the road, I was tricked by this and thought that it wouldn’t rain. But as we went to a diner near the road which plenty of students preferred and seems reliable, a sudden downpour began and kept on a long time, ceasing time to time. I don’t know how much more the season will keep on being like this but after the sunburns today, I prefer riding under rain than a sunny weather.




I suppose these are enough to summarize our day. Tomorrow, or the day after that we’ll see the ocean. After this, for a while we’re going to proceed from the roads I’ve been before and as I recall, there were pretty pleasant villages near the road. If I’m right, tomorrow we’ll be in a town that monkeys wander around freely and steal fruits from the bazaars. I guess we’ll find a lodging that Elif can take plenty of photos – as long as she doesn’t have her camera snatched by the monkeys, it’s a frequent occasion, I hope she reads this before she goes to bed –

Farewell for now,

Best wishes,


Evrim, Chom Bung – Thailand.





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