Greetings from Thailand – Evrim and Elif Yiğit Tour Journals, September 19, 2011

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September 19, 2011

Sawadee Krap,


Greetings and best wishes from Bangkok. I guess it’s time to announce a bike tour; We’re planning to begin with Thailand and proceed by visiting countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos with my sister. We’ll share our experiences and photos in order for you to be able to follow our tour. 


For now, we succeeded in reaching to Bangkok and buying our bikes and other necessary equipments. I wouldn’t want to start like this but I suppose you’ll condone the happiness of a brand new bike owner. I must say that it’s a bike that’ll pamper a cycling lover. For instance a little while ago, a group of cyclists had a minor crash as they were trying to have a look at my bike. 



I guess it’s time to tell a little about my bike. It’s Surly LHT and since it’s quite hard to find this bike in Turkey, it’s not quite well-known. It’s a tour bike that seems like a road bike equipped with XT, steel frame (its disadvantage is that since the frame is steel, the bike is quite rough, you can feel the tiniest shagginess on the ground) and a steel bag. It has a road type handlebar. And it resolves the dilemma on if you should use 26″ or 28″ rims; Both. You can equip the bike with whichever you’d like. Isn’t it awesome? I sent a mail to Bangkok for this bike two days before we begin our journey and they replied on the same day. Afterwards, they also answered all my questions. Then they transported us to the store by car. I wanted to share all these to mention how important cycling is for me and them. I only tried the bike and said “that’s it!” I suppose this bike wouldn’t ever want to stop. Like me, it wants to travel and see different places.


Elif preferred to buy a more affordable bike for her first tour. She chose the same bike that I had during my previous tour, Trek FX.


I suppose it’s time to explain; This tour was completely unplanned. If you’d ask how, I guess this explanation will be enough: We bought our plane tickets 2 hours before the flight. Which means if we’d been 15 minutes late, we wouldn’t be able to pass through the check-ins. I cannot guarantee about Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos as I mentioned at the title since we don’t have the necessary visas yet. But I feel that the wind is with us. I guess this tour will be quite different – of course I’m comparing it with my previous one.



We’re invited for breakfast at a Buddhist temple tomorrow, I guess we have to attend. So I have to keep the introduction of our tour brief. I apologise to all readers for this. Furthermore, we’re a little uptight about the process of photos; the cameras we use take large-size photos and it takes time to transfer and resize. But it’ll definitely worth the trouble.  


At last, I’d like to tell about our equipments. But I’ll go in detail when we start using them actively. This tour will be high-level in means of bikes, electronics, clothing and tour equipments. We’ll try to cite this tour to you with The North Face, Ortlieb, Nikon and Canon. 


I guess we both agree in leaving Bangkok as soon as possible. We’ve been walking here all day for 3 days. We’d been reaching the hotel so tired that we’d fallen asleep around 8-9pm. Since we got quite familiar with Bangkok, we can go to anywhere we want by their local bus. But we found out that a town as big as Istanbul can get quite tiring. Tomorrow, we’re planning to begin our tour. I suppose we’ll first try to get away from the city by train. Our first stop may be Kanchanaburi, 100km away from here or another town south of it. 




During this tour we’ll try to pedal far apart from the shore on our way to Malaysia to south but we may see the sea time to time. In one of the stores we purchased our bikes, we heard that the hilly  roads at the Myanmar border will be one of the most pleasant rides in Thailand. I guess this road away from the sea will come in the middle of two seas after a while. We’ll pedal viewing an ocean on one side and another on the other side. That’s all for now. I guess it’s a little upleasant talking about a tour before the it begins but I couldn’t be patient till tomorrow. We’ll definitely get in touch on the road again. Kind regards and best wishes to all for now, 





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