Cadence and Ankling Techniques

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My aim is to give some brief information about cadence and its importance.

Basically cadance is identified as the speed of crankshaft gear. Its unit of measurement
is rpm aka revolutions per minute. In other words, it is the name given per circle of
crank handle.

Importance of Cadence:

In terms of physics

The defined work of bicycle’s progress is measure in watts. Briefly, watt is calculated by
multiplying moment and cadance with the force applied to pedal pressure. (Watt= Force
X Cadance) Let’s think that, we have two cyclists named Ali and Veli who are taking
their way on a flat road. They are side by side and at the same speed. They are equal at
watt terms so let’s take a look to the other variables. While Ali is pedaling 70rpm, Veli is
pedaling 110rpm. This means that, Ali is using his power more compare to Veli.

In Terms of Physiologic

Low cadence requires more power to the pedal cadence; what is the meaning of this to
our wrist and leg? For high power generated in this tissue contraction, slow to very fast
spasm to spasm causes.

When muscles slowly strained;

First of all, for fuel it burns the fat, this is even valid for the thinly athletes

It shows high resistance to exhaustion. This makes them go through the day.

In a very short period of rest and recovery will be.

When muscles spasm quickly;

Uses glucose as fuel in the muscles that keep racers compete for the last of the

attacks, and quickly runs out of the store.

It causes easy fatigue.

They need time to reuse again.

We can simulate this as walking through a dark hall. Think that a box a matches given
to you. Consider that, hall is the gap that you should complete; matches are the energy
at your legs. Assume that, you start to walk and in order to go faster you lit the matches
multiple. Result ends with the consumption of the matches before reaching the last
destination, but that the matches could have lit less and under controlled it could
provide lighter view and comfortability at the end.

High performance pedaling provides the strength in order to complete the road and
even creates the basis for the possible high attack at the last parts.

Of course, high cadence shows difference up to persons if there is no difference between
people who have the same performance. In the subject, lots of research indicates that
the new beginner’s performance should be 60 rpm, but a cyclist can make 80 rpm at flat
platform, for hill climbing approximate 40rpm is appropriate. Of course, the distance of
the hill has a deterministic role at that point.

As one of the biggest factors in productivity cadence pedal movements of the subtlety
should be mentioned too.


Mentioned the pedal is locked (SPD) pedals during the series to turn a blind spot in the
elimination of inefficiency and the heel angle for the wrist position is the most
appropriate place for it to be pedal and translator of the series allows higher cadence.

Of course, most of us jumped on saddle a lot in order to go faster at the very first times.

As it is hard to find the appropriate source for better physiology and cycling, this leads
us to find serious coaches to shape the mistakes to corrections.

Even, one of my friend told me that, there are some mistakes at pedaling positions, but
infact I recognized after reading some articles that that is another technique for special

Think pedaling as four-stroke 1) Forward it, 2) the press, 3) pull back, 4) pull up. When
we consider these as parts of productivity 25%, one of them’ insufficiency will reflect the

The productivity of pedaling can be examined as 2 variables:

High Ankle

The ankle’ position depends on your cadence’s frequency. Ankle automatically rises at
average high cadence. At this point the saddle’s position is highly important. This
technique mostly used at flat surfaces (less hilled places).


Low Ankle

This technique is used at hill climbing times as high pressure pedaling position takes
place. Wrist’s angle depends on cyclist’s elasticity.

Lance Technique

Lance Armstrong’s cycling technique is considered by many authorities as different
category. His pedaling highness is more, compare to other cyclists because his rpm per

minute is more. That’s why his efficiency depends on this cycling method. This angle is
getting higher due to time.

As I say all times the cycling techniques and these informations are depends on little
experience and little translation.

Sources: Andy Applegate, Carl Cantrell

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