Blanco Pro Cycling Team: "We’re Aiming for the Sprint Stages"

19/04/2013  //     //  Genel Duyuru ve Haberler ( Bisiklet, Triatlon, Atletizm, Yüzme )




There are just a couple of days left for the 49th edition of the Presidential
Cycling Tour of Turkey and before the teams arrive in Turkey, we continue sharing
the interviews we made with some of the favorites. This time it is the Blanco Pro
Cycling Team.


Theo Bos, who was victorious at the first stage and
the last
of the Tour last year, will be joining the enthusiasm of the competition
in the Dutch team in 2013, too. Another name to race at the Tour of Turkey in the
sprint-based line-up of the team, is the strong sprinter, Mark Renshaw. But it
would be correct to mention that the team comprises fast cyclists, which clearly
indicates that the team is ambitious for the sprint stages generally.




Theo Bos, at the finish of the final stage (2013 Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey)


As you’ll remember, the Dutch team, used to be known as “Rabobank”,
started the season as “Blanco Cycling Team” after the unexpected
decision of Rabobank about ending their sponsorship agreement. Before teh opening
stage that will take place on April 21st  in Alanya, we interviewed with
Blanco Cycling Team’s Sport Director Jeroen Blijlenevs about the team’s goals for
this year and their opinions on the Tour 2013.


Jeroen Blijlevens said, “The goals for our team is winning stages in a
bunch sprint with fast sprinters like Theo Bos and Mark Renshaw, our strategies
will be to have bunch sprints as much as possible. With more climbs this year is
it harder to create a bunch sprint so for us was it better that there were less
climbs and it is negative for us, for the race it can be positive,” and
added, “For the team is it a nice race with good roads, hotels and a good


As one of the favorites of the opening stage on Sunday, Team Blanco, will again
be searching for victory with last year’s opening stage winner Theo Bos. Besides,
Jetse Bol, tweeted that they will have victory on the final stage of the Tour.


For the 49th edition of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, Blanco Pro
Cycling Team will consist of Moreno HOFLAND, Robert WAGNER, Jetse BOL,Theo BOS,



Written by Aylin Koç

Translated by Deniz Çağırgan

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