Bangkok and Kanchanaburi – Evrim and Elif Yiğit Tour Journals, September 22, 2011

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September 22, 2011



Elif and I decided to go to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok by train. The traffic in and around Bangkok is so busy that it can be grueling to ride a bike. I’d ridden to the outside of the town by bike before and I don’t recall my trip among trucks and industrial zone to be pleasant. 




Transportation by train is quite affordable and pleasant here. We were very peaceful since we traveled on the same carriage with the bikes. The train passed through the small villages and rice fields. Since I expected a train trip through the highway, a trip passing through a tunnel of plants was quite amazing for me. 




With the advantage of staying in Kanchanaburi before, we settled to the most affordable hotel with the best view. Even if Elif isn’t aware of it yet, looking for an hotel in a town you don’t know anything about for hours can be very exhausting. Especially if you’re tired, hungry and in a hurry  to get cleaned up. We managed all this tiring process in 5 minutes and began to wander around the town. I guess being in Kanchanaburi or getting away from Bangkok was better for us both. Here, the people around us and the food we eat seems better. 



We also performed our first trip in Kanchanaburi. We got away from the town to small villages during our warm-up for 40km. Elif took plenty of pictures on the road. I guess she doesn’t want to miss anything she sees. Which is for my advantage; I’ll have loads of photos during the tour.



Tomorrow I suppose we’ll travel to south from Kanchanaburi. We’ll go on our first tour with our bikes loaded. (I resemble this to a moving house, since I carry tents, food, clothes and everything else) Fortunately we’ll go on the first trip of our tour through the villages. We’ll have to start early since this road is not familiar for me. I guess I like these back roads more. Both not many cars prefer these ways and the traffic is usually slower. Since there are plenty of trees near the roads, one can travel in cooler weather and without the dust. Besides dining doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. Village diners that serve local food can be found frequently.





Greetings from Thailand – September 19, 2011









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